I’m a Little Teapot, Dang It!!

As promised, here are my acquisitions from the Madrona Festival.  I hope I didn’t excite you too much, because they were pretty minimal.  I had promised myself one skein of sock yarn.  However, Kris, bless her heart, made that unnecessary with this lovely gift:


This is Hazel Knits sock yarn in the Greenlake colorway.  Hmmm – do you think I have time to knit up a Landscape Scarf before St. Patrick’s Day?

So that left me to peruse the Merchant’s Mall to my heart’s content.  I came across the booth of Two Swans Yarn.  They are a mail order only company based in Kent, Washington.  They had a whole wall of Jamieson & Smith in, I think, every color they make!  A feast for the eyes.  And they had this.  Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen?  And it only takes one skein of each color.  So, I bought enough to make two cozies, one for me and one to gift.


Those are for the gift cozy.  Immediately on arriving home, throwing project monogamy to the winds (you knew I couldn’t do it, didn’t you?), I cast on for mine.  However, all was not well.  The pattern called for size 2 needles.  Knowing I’m a loose knitter, I went down a size, thinking that size was not all that important for a tea cozy.  However, it quickly became evident that this thing was going to be gigantic and I would run out of yarn.  So, I went down to a size 0, and even though I am still not getting gauge, I’m hoping for the best and will just order more yarn if I need to.  However, all was STILL not well!!  I cast on again, and got almost 1/3 of the way done with the body when I realized that I had twisted when I joined the round!!!  How could I have done that?  The yarn was ripped and I started again.  Do you see it coming?  I did it again.  D’oh!  The third time was the charm, and I’m happy to report that I am untwisted and that Jamieson’s Spindrift holds up very well to frogging:


You can just make out the letters "Little". 

Yesterday was another great fun day (two weekends in a row!).  My best friend called me Friday night to say that she had tickets to "Mame" at the Fifth Avenue in Seattle.  Her daughter was supposed to go with her, but she was sick, so I was invited.  I have never seen "Mame", not even the movie, so I jumped at the chance.  We had a great time and even fit in some shopping at Macy’s.  They had a fantastic sale – I got about 5 sweaters for $4.99 each! 

I should caution my regular readers (all five of you) not to worry if I’m MIA for the next week or so.  I’ve got a lot of schoolwork coming up that I really need to buckle down and finish if I’m going to be able to leave for Orlando in April with a clear conscience (and no textbooks to lug along).  I’ll be going down to Tacoma next weekend (three weekends in a row gone – poor hubby!) for a seminar, but hope to get some good pictures of the Museum of Glass.  Until then, I have tons or reading to do and at least two projects to finish for my other class.  But I shall return.  In the meantime I leave you with one very cute granddaughter:


And a puppy who can apparently sleep anywhere:


Yes, she’s sleeping with her face in the basket.



8 thoughts on “I’m a Little Teapot, Dang It!!

  1. You brought back a memory – I saw Auntie Mame, the movie, at Radio City Movie Hall in NYC, when I was four. That was a looong time ago.

    Next year I WILL make it to Madrona.

  2. Goodness. Li B makes me feel old. I saw Auntie Mame at the Radio City Music Hall when I was in high school. It is a great movie, and was recently on Turner Classic Movies. After you see the play, you should try to see the film. Rosalind Russell is wonderful.

    Great pics, as usual. I’m finding that size 0 is not small enough for me either. I unearthed some thin sock yarn, and I’m getting 7 stitches/inch, when I want 8 or 9. Do you have any DPNs smaller than 0?

    That green sock yarn is gorgeous. I’ve also drooled over the Two Swans web site. It must be great to see all those Jamieson yarns “in the flesh”.

  3. Sometimes I come for the knitting chatter….It’s great!
    Sometimes I come for the yarn and pattern recommendations…love the tea cozy!

    But darn it… the best has GOT TO BE those baby/puppy photos! Just darling, and they ALWAYS make me smile!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I am pretty sure that there are more than five of us. 🙂
    That cozy is the cutest thing, but I am so **not** knitting a fairisle tea cozy with size 0 needles!
    And poor Maggie looks completely worn out from lifting those weights!

  5. Love those 2 cuties. My dog is sleeping with her head atop a wooden table leg as I see Maggie using those comfy weights as a pillow. What is it with dogs?
    So many cute tea cozy patterns about, but as I am a heathen who (gasp) microwaves her cuppa, I doubt if I’ll knit one for me.

  6. That Hazel Knits yarn is beautiful! I can’t wait to see your landscape scarf. I have ordered from Two Swans several times and had really great service. I love the tea cozy too and the colors you chose. My kids were looking over my shoulder and loved the picture of your grandbaby and dog! :o)

  7. Cute tea cosy. Looking forward to seeing it knit up in the colors you selected.

    Maggie looks like she’s smiling while sleeping on a pile of weights. Looks painful to me. I like the face in the basket picture better.

    I know you can hardly wait to get your hands on Ivy and kiss those cute, soft cheeks. Only a month until we get our granddaughter fix.

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