Let it Snow!

So far today we’ve had rain, snow, hail and sleet.  It’s spring for cryin’ out loud!  But all is forgiven because the sun came out this afternoon and it was so beautiful Maggie and I went out for a walk.  It was a great walk, too, until the very end.  I’m working on exposing Maggie to different distractions so I decided to come home a different way than usual.  As we were passing a trailer park, we were charged by a pit bull!  Dear Maggie was ready to defend me, so I grabbed her and picked her up and kept on walking, not making eye contact with the beast.  After a while I didn’t see the other dog, so I put Maggie down.  The pit bull appeared and charged us again.  So I grabbed up Maggie once more and started praying!  God protected us and we made it home safely, but I carried Maggie until I was sure the pit bull was no where in sight.  Now my shoulder is killing me, but we are safe.

And, all is good because I am officially on vacation.  Thursday was my last day at work, but yesterday I wrote an 8-page paper, completed another school assignment, completed three tax returns (ours, my mother-in-law’s and Allen’s), paid bills and I forget what else.  When I put the last stamp on the last envelope, I told Bill, "NOW I’m on vacation!"  Today has been spent getting some last minute sewing done and general organizing.  I checked out Mason Dixon Knitting from the library and I really liked several of the projects.  They’re quick, cute and just the ticket for my frazzled brain.  I especially liked these darling baby bibs:


Aren’t they too cute?  These fall into the category of "Why didn’t I think of that?"  Super simple and quick.  One can easily be whipped out in an evening.  They’re made of  cotton dishcloth yarn – I used some coned Peaches and Cream from my stash.  I also have some Sugar and Cream that I’ll toss in my suitcase.  If Abby likes these I can make a few while I’m there.

Recently I started reading Theresa’s blog.  She had admired the ladybug dress I made for Izzy, so I asked her if she would like me to do some embroideries for her two adorable twin girls.  Well, a trade was made and these arrived in the mail this week:


These are notecards that she makes with her stunning photography.  Thanks so much Theresa – I’ll always be up for a barter with you!  She sells these, so hop on over to her photography blog if you’re interested.

Tomorrow I start packing in earnest.  No, not clothes.  I already know what I’m taking there.  What knitting to take??  I always agonize over this.  Like most of you, I have this morbid fear of either running out of knitting, or having the wrong project.  I’ll take either a scarf or socks for the plane portion of the trip and the cotton for bibs.  I keep reminding myself it’s only a week and Michael’s is close by with plenty of Sugar and Cream!

Getting excited!!  Can you blame me?  In less than 72 hours I’ll be snuggling with these beauties:


12 thoughts on “Let it Snow!

  1. Holy cow! A pit bull! Thank goodness you guys made it home safely. Only a couple more days to go before you get here. Can’t wait. 🙂

  2. Have a wonderful trip, Dorothy. God, indeed, protected you and Maggie from that pit bull. My goodness! What a scare! The bibs are darling. The second Mason-Dixon is coming out this fall. I’m a big fan of their log cabin knitting.
    We recently tried to adopt two more rescue Weims. Big mistake. Long story.
    Have great snuggles with your dear ones!

  3. Thank God, literally, that the beast didn’t continue his aggression even after you picked Maggie up!!

    Your grandbabies are so precious! I looked at those looong toes on your new grandaughter — she’s gonna be tall just like her Daddy!

  4. Have a wonderful trip. I know what you mean about packing.I’ve bought needles and yarn in desperation while on vacation.I’ve also packed an entire suitcase, a small one, for poor neglected Marina. When I, Blogless Marsha, and ten others head for Europe in October I think Zephyr is the way to go. Very light.

  5. The weather there must make you feel like you never left New England.
    What a scare. Pit bulls have been bred to be bad.
    Love the bibs. I just found a similar pattern and thought what a great quick and practical gift.
    Have a wonderful visit with those beautiful girls!

  6. You should report the pit bull to your local animal control. Even if they don’t do anything, it will be on his “record” in case there are other problems.
    Have a great trip with the family!

  7. Sofee “rides” during lots of our walks, but usually from tired little legs, not from sheer terror! What a horrid experience for you both. Glad it ended well.

    Have a safe trip. Enjoy those babes…as I KNOW you will!

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