Greetings from Sunny Florida

Greetings from sunny Florida!  Well, sunny most of the time anyway.  I think we’ve seen more rain here in a week than we have in Washington in a month!  And when it rains here, it comes down in buckets, not the gentle mist of the Pacific Northwest.  Thunder and lightning too!  However, that has not daunted us because of course, we came for other scenery:


Two little princesses!  We have been having a wonderful time snuggling and playing and generally seeing if we can exhaust Nana and Aunt Claudia (my sister), which of course, they can! 

Today we met up with Kris of Sonny and Shear:


Kris and Anna Grace met us at Monkey Joe’s and the girls had a great time jumping and sliding.  Photo ops were hard to come by as most of the time the girls went by in a blur:


Others in the party found all the excitement too much to handle:


They played into happy exhaustion and then we went for lunch and a stroll around the mall.  Anna Grace was helpful in holding Isobel’s hand and helping keep her from running off:


Thanks AG!  During the evenings after the girls have gone to bed, mindless knitting has been the order of the evening:


They met with the baby stamp of approval:


Tomorrow is our last day here.  I hate leaving the girls, but I also miss Ye-Ye (Mandarin for grandfather) terribly!  It will be good to be home.

5 thoughts on “Greetings from Sunny Florida

  1. What a wonderful post — thanks so much for sharing. The girls, as usual are just delightful! I can’t believe how fast the baby is growing.

    I “see” my grandson for the first time this Friday. They are having one of those new 3-D types of ultrasound, and I am invited to come along. I am very excited!

    Have a safe trip home…

  2. It’s supposed to be warm here on Saturday, if that helps. Glad it was a good trip. We had thunder, too, in FL last month, BIG thunder.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! I’m glad you got the break and how neat to meet another blogger. Are these the granddaughters you sew for? They sure are cute!

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