Home Safe & Sound

We're home safe and sound after a fun trip to Portland.  We went to the Pacific Northwest Micro/Mini Car Show.  Before reporting, I must first correct my previous post.  Hubby's car is a 1930, not a 1931.  A grievous error, to be sure.  My apologies to Malcom (the car).  There were some pretty amazing cars there, but it was quite gratifying to see that in a show of very rare cars, hubby's car drew many admiring comments.  There was even a car broker there who asked all kinds of questions and then put in a quick phone call saying, "I found one!"  So who knows if we might get an offer.  Malcom is not really for sale, but as hubby says, almost everything has a price.  While there I got to ride in some pretty unusual cars.  First up, a 1955 Messerschmitt:


And a 1980 Mine – yes it is that small.


The guy that owns it is a professor at UW and says he occasionally drives it to work.  In Seattle rush hour traffic.  I think he has a death wish.

But by far my favorite was this:


A 1952 MGTD:

Don't you think I look pretty good in that?  The guy that's driving has owned the car for 31 years.  He bought it and restored it while he was still in high school and drove it to his senior prom.  I'm sure the girls were lining up to date him!

Six hours up and six hours back with lots and lots of sitting around at the car show provided plenty of knitting time (when I wasn't trying to keep warm – it was cold!).  Although I didn't manage to get a pair of socks and two toddler sweaters done, I almost completed one toddler sweater:


I probably would have completed it but for the miles and miles of garter stitch on the lower half of the sweater.  This one will be for Ivy.  Forgive the little critter in the picture – she was trying to help.

Speaking of helping, here she is helping hubby assemble our new glider rocker set:


We decided to do our bit for the economy and spend our tax incentive.  We're sprucing up the backyard and fixing up the sunroom.  We built this on about 10 years ago, but it has had limited use in the summer because it gets too hot.  So hubby has built heat reflective screens for the top panels and we bought the glider set so we can sit out there on summer evenings – or any other time for that matter.  I've taken some before and after pictures and will post them when we're done.

Next week I should have some fun stuff to report.  Last year at a charity auction, my sister won a package from Starbuck's.  Next Friday, she and I, my best friend Jan and another friend will get to attend barrista school at Starbuck's in Seattle!  I think it's going to be a blast.  The funny thing is that my sister doesn't even drink coffee.  But I do!  I'll probably be in a caffeinated buzz big time by the end of the day.

6 thoughts on “Home Safe & Sound

  1. More fun stuff next week? Can hardly wait!

    Maggie seems to be everywhere helping everyone do everything. Bet she missed you when you left her for the weekend. Too bad she couldn’t come. She would have looked great in that red MGTD.

  2. She looks all grown up, but her face is still puppyish. She IS sweet, isn’t she?

    We’re looking at a kennel for Gracee while we go to MN for a wedding in July. I don’t know why it’s bothering me. Our last Scottie did just fine at one. And then there’s our three week trip this coming Oct. I hate thinking about that part of it.

  3. Nice to hear that you had such a good trip, and you are home safe and sound.

    My brother just bought a mini cooper, and loves it!

    Maggie appears to be quite the helper!!

    Thanks for all of your words of encouragement on my quest to become a lace knitter. Your work is gorgeous, so your comments mean a great deal to me! Thanks.

  4. It looks like a fun time, though that second car just makes my knees ache even to think about riding in it.

    So does Maggie try to go after any of your knitting? Lewey has started to drag socks out of the laundry basket, so I’m thinking I shouldn’t leave knitting laying around the house.

  5. What amazing cars.

    That is so cool about barrista school. I regretfully gave up coffee to keep my blood pressure from spiking (and unfortunately it works, so there’s no going back to caffeine), but I honed my skill in making what I thought was the perfect hand-drip cup over 40 years. No Mr. Coffee’s for me.

  6. Maggie is a hoot.
    That mini-car must have great gas mileage – or is it powered by feet a la Fred Flintstone? And you look like a natural in the MGTD!

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