It’s Really Official Now!

Yes, boys and girls, it is official:


Until this came in the mail, I couldn’t help thinking that when they reviewed my transcript, they would find I was one credit short. But I passed muster and it is indeed over. Whew!

Also in the mail was this:


It’s a wonderful skein of Zen Garden Squooshy in the Anna Grace colorway! This is named after Isobel’s buddy who has fought the battle with apraxia and is winning. Way to go Anna Grace. Words can’t describe how beautiful the colors are and how, well, squooshy, it is. You can have your own skein by bopping on over to Sonny and Shear.

You might notice the book lying beside the yarn. My church friends know me pretty well and this was a book they presented to me in honor of my graduation at last week’s service. The main focus of the book is that we put too much emphasis on having “quiet” time with God. When life gets chaotic, we put God on the back burner because we just don’t have time (or think we don’t). But we forget that God is there even in the midst of chaos. We don’t need huge chunks of time to commune with Him, but can include Him in every aspect of our busy lives. I highly recommend the book.

Chaos does seem to somewhat define my life right now. I seem to be hurtling in 100 different directions at once. It finally occurred to me the other day that it’s because I promised myself that when I graduated I would . . . . . (insert activity here). My problem now is that I’m trying to do them all at once! I seem to start one thing and before it’s finished I’m flying off starting something else. I really need to settle down and get focused.

One of the things I really wanted to delve into is baking bread. I love everything about bread – baking it, smelling it, eating it, thinking about it. I’ve even been grinding my own wheat with a friend’s borrowed grinder. But now I need borrow no more:


A brand new wheat grinder and 40 lbs of wheat purchased with a friend’s very generous graduation check! It arrived yesterday and I spent a great deal of today cleaning out and reorganizing my pantry so that all my bread making supplies are somewhat centralized:


I should have taken a “before” picture so you could see what a mess it was. I now have some loaves rising in the kitchen. Of course, as hubby pointed out, I’ve picked the hottest day of the year so far to bake! But when you work, you can’t be picky. You have to grab the free time when it’s available. Besides, I have this to keep me cool. Kristen will appreciate this:


I don’t think this is available anywhere except Rhode Island. I’m not sure how I came by this – probably a gift from someone who traveled back there. I found it while cleaning out the pantry. You can’t believe how refreshing it is on a hot summer day. It’s kind of like a slushy lemonade, but not too sweet.  Yes – it finally got hot here. Well, relatively speaking for those of you in other areas. I think we may have hit 80 today.

Off to check on my bread. Next week I promise knitting content and a report on a trip to Starbuck’s

10 thoughts on “It’s Really Official Now!

  1. Congratulations! I love the blue of that Sqooshy. I’ve been on a yarn diet for two months, oh the agony!

    Enjoy the bread, you’ve definitely earned it *lolol*

  2. Congrats Ms. Official! Do you know I have a recurring dream (nighmare) where I’m told someone’s reviewed my transcripts from way back in my undergrad program and found me one credit short so I have to give back ALL my degrees from undergrad on!

    Rumor has it your knitting a toe up sock sooooo finally tried out the Turkish Cast On did we? 😛

  3. Congrats Ms. Official! Do you know I have a recurring dream (nighmare) where I’m told someone’s reviewed my transcripts from way back in my undergrad program and found me one credit short so I have to give back ALL my degrees from undergrad on!

    Rumor has it you’re knitting a toe up sock sooooo finally tried out the Turkish Cast On did we? 😛

  4. “Who will help me grind the wheat?” I didn’t know home wheat grinders existed and will enjoy following your bread making adventures.
    Congratulations on the truly official diploma!
    Del’s! There is truly nothing as refreshing on a day like today promises to be – hot and humid. Shake and slurp, and you hope you have a couple of pieces of lemon in the cup to chew on. I haven’t had my first of the season yet. There are two places in town that I know of that sell it and I just may make a trip to one today.

  5. Congrats again! Who guessed it wasn’t already official? I’m thinking once you shake hands with Elson Floyd, they can’t take it back even if you’re missing a credit or two.

  6. I also love bread….everything about it! Makes me hungry just thinking about all those wonderful smells you will be creating soon!

    Love the new yarn also! Enjoy.

    I had a similar moment the other day, when a mail delivery came to my son, with a MPH after his name. He recently graduated with a Masters in Physical Therapy. It was a reality check to see that an on envelop. Not sure why it came to out house – he hasn’t lived here for years…..but whatever??

  7. We found out that Bryant is official, too, this week. Amazing, the kid failed three classes this term, but his first term grades were high enough to give him a 65% average. I hope the college program goes better for him. What I’d really like is for him to take a year off to let his brain ripen a bit.

    Nice diploma. My master’s diploma was damaged in a flood, but they let me buy a duplicate. It says duplicate on it in the corner. A little strange.

  8. Congratulations, once again. There is something about seeing and touching the diploma that makes it seem real.

    I always liked baking bread on warm days because the dough rises so easily.

  9. Yum! Bread! Can I come over for tea? 🙂

    And congratulations again. Funny, I was pretty sure when I walked across the stage for college graduation that my diploma wouldn’t be signed and official. I had barely finished my last required class at something like 2 AM a couple days prior.

    I might have to look that book up. I tend to wait for just the perfect moment to “commune with God”.

  10. Hi! I haven’t been by for awhile because it has been chaotic around here. I’m having fun catching up. I can’t wait to hear about your bread baking adventures. I love it so much that I am bringing my Nutrimill with me to WA when I leave next week… can’t imagine eating store bought now that we are baking everything from fresh ground! Congratulations on your diploma! That book looks interesting.

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