FO – Really!

Look!  A pair of socks!


Ok, so they don’t match.  At this point I’m not getting picky but am declaring that my knitting mojo has returned.  On the left is a simple top down sock using a stitch pattern from Sensational Socks.  Yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy in the Chinatown Apple colorway.  On the right is a Coriolis sock from Cat Bhordi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters.  It bears closer inspection:


Is that not a lovely short row heel? 


And the cuff, showing the spiral and a picot hem with sewn bind off.  This was actually my second attempt at this.  The first time I got as far as the heel and just could not wrap my brain around the instructions.  The second time I concentrated a little better and it was far simpler than I thought.  Cat’s books are not for the faint hearted, but I really did enjoy this and will make more.  This was toe-up using a Turkish cast on with Deb’s excellent tutorial.  Yarn is Zen Yarn Garden Squooshy in the Anna Grace colorway.  You can get your own at Sonny and Shear.

I mentioned that last weekend was spent with my sister ferrying her to and from some medical tests and celebrating her birthday.  I’m happy to report that she received a clean bill of health – especially comforting since she is a cancer survivor.  For her birthday we decided to act like children and went to Build-A-Bear and made ourselves some teddy bears.  She even got a sticker proclaiming her the birthday girl:


I also made her a little video with pictures of us as we were growing up.  Here are two of my favorites:



Oh yeah – did I mention she’s OLDER than me??  Happy Birthday Sis.  I love you!! 

11 thoughts on “FO – Really!

  1. Glad your mojo has returned and you’re using your formally educated mind to once again knit beautiful socks.

    That is a beautiful heel.

    Love the little girl pictures.

  2. Awww…. Those little girls’ pictures just melted my heart. I’m partial to pictures of two little girls you know. 🙂

    Glad that your knitting mojo has returned Nana.


  3. Love the pictures! Feel more “kinship” in looks to Claudia – I can see more Malone/Pierce – as I see in myself.

    But really love the socks. I’m finishing a wash cloth that I must have made 6 times if you count all the times I ripped out and started parts over. But I should finish today, and then I’m starting on a cotton hooded towel for a co-worker’s first grandchild (a girl!). It’s due in December, so hopefully even with my slow speed, I can finish.

  4. I do love that sock heel. I’m in a “sock rut” because the standard “top down, flap heels” really fit me very well. I’ve been intrigued by that book, though, and if I get results that are half as good as yours, I’ll consider it a job well done.

    Best wishes to your sister on her birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday Dorothy’s big sis!

    Love the pics!

    Glad you liked the tute, your sock is quite cool looking!

    Are you sure your other sock is Smooshy? I’ve never seen it stripe like yours is!

  6. Love the sis photos! I am a “baby” sister too. I hated it when we were kids….now it’s not that bad…LOL!

    I have Cat’s book. I made the small practice socks, but have not had the gutspa to try an adult pair. Someday….. (perhaps). Your heel really is quite lovely!

  7. That is a nice ‘pair’ of socks.
    Love the photos, the two of you have not changed much. Well, maybe your fashion sense has improved!

  8. Really like both socks and the colors. I think I’m ready for winter so I can wear some socks and sweaters again. Really tired of the heat on the Gulf Coast already. Happy Birthday to your sister and hope you both had great fun building your own teddy bears. The pictures are great!

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