Where’s Summer?

For a summer that has yet to show it’s face, we’ve been very busy!  So far we’ve struggled to break the 70 degree mark and most days it’s been a guess whether we’d even break 60.  Not that I’m complaining too much – I hate hot weather and if a cool summer is the trade-off, I’m game.  But that hasn’t stopped us from being really, really busy. Hence, the lack of blogging.

Last weekend was our annual knitter’s picnic that we host for the group on the adjoining island.  The company was warm, even if the weather was not.  More than a few wool sweaters that were brought for show and tell were quickly donned after being shown:


And we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful venue:


This past week was busy with company from Southern California – hubby’s sister Wendy, and her son Miles.  This picture was taken at a local lavender farm where hubby is participating in an arts and crafts festival with his airplanes.


Needless to say the dogs, especially Maggie, were thrilled to have 14-year-old boy to run them ragged:

Miles & the dogs Aug 08

They left this morning and Maggie is now crashed on the floor where she will hopefully sleep peacefully all weekend (and stay out of trouble).  I think she has entered the terrible two’s of dogdom and has really been keeping us alert lately – as in, if she’s quiet, she’s probably in trouble!

I have been able to officially finish a project:


These are the Coriolis socks from New Pathways for Sock Knitters.  You can check out the specs in my previous post.  Lorette has dared me to wear the pair in the last post, but I’ll probably pass – at least until we have “Tacky Day” at work.  This is a terrific pattern!  It takes a little concentration for the first sock, but after that it’s really a piece of cake.  I highly recommend it and my next pair will definitely come from that book.  If nothing else, just so I can do Deb‘s Turkish cast-on!

Off for more culture this weekend.  My sister and I are going to see “Aida“.  I’ve heard it’s very thrilling and am very excited.  I’m so glad I have my sister to expose me to these things.  ‘Til then!

8 thoughts on “Where’s Summer?

  1. Good to ‘hear’ from you again. We’ve had a cool-ish summer until the last week or so. I hate warm, humid weather. Love the color of those socks!

  2. Our summer weather in SW Michigan has been a bit cooler than usual as well. We’ve had some days with a high in the low 90s, but it always cools down into the 60 for the nightly low.

    After the endless winter/record snowfall/late spring we had along with the cool summer nights, global warming is a hard sell around here. Not that we’re complaining about the wonderful evenings.

    That knitting picnic sounds like great fun. And the socks are gorgeous. Does that pattern work for narrow feet? I feel a book purchase in my future.

  3. I am soooo jealous. Here in Texas we’re having numerous 100+ degree days – supposed to be 107 today. A picnic would need to be inside here unless you could jump right into that water – and pools and other water parks are having to hyperchlorinate because they’re having trouble with parasites that make you sick. Actually a fairly nice summer up until July. I continue on my hooded baby blanket/towel, and it’s coming along nicely. I’m taking the bus so I get about 6 rows done every day just on the bus. Mom doing surprisingly well – and stays in during these horrendously hot days. Those socks are wonderful. I have too much yarn and projects I want to start, but after the first of the year I hope to start on some socks – plain jane ones for my first attempt. Also, could you send me your mailing address in a return e-mail? Thanks and Happy August.

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