Enniu:  General lack of interest or boredom.  That's kind of what I've been feeling about blogging lately.  I don't think I'm alone either – several of my favorite bloggers seem to be in the same frame of mind.  Perhaps it's all the doom and gloom on the news.  Even when you're in good financial shape, you can't help but let it affect your mood.  Perhaps it's just not having anything to blog about.  Nothing exciting happening here – just routine.  Move along to more exciting blogs.  Not that there's no news.  Hubby and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary this past week.  Our new blinds arrived that day, so we spent the evening hanging them, only to discover that the headrail was bent in shipping.  The company was excellent to deal with and has shipped out a replacement, so no pictures of that yet.

The economic crunch also hit close to home.  Ben, along with 1600 people in his company, received his layoff notice this week.  It's certainly not a disaster.  He's never really liked this job anyway and just lacked the initiative to go look for something else.  Initiative has now arrived.  They've been very financially responsible and are in good shape for the time being, so there's no panic.  Of course, we're hoping that something will turn up a little closer to us, but at this point he just needs to find a job.  Please send good thoughts and prayers their way.

I do have an FO to show:


Komet Socks by Stephanie van der Linden for the Sockknitters Anonymous October challenge on Ravelry.  Yarn:  Knitpicks Essential in Pumpkin, needles, size 0.  Mods – Not technically a mod since the pattern says you can put in your favorite heel.  I did a standard flap heel rather than the short row heel in the pattern because it fits me better.  This is a wonderful pattern.  Easy to memorize, but interesting things going on.  I would say I'd do it again, but with the Sockdown challenge, I'm challenging myself to try new patterns and designers.  For November Deb is doing a Mystery Sock and I will probably give that a go.

In the meantime, I'm committed to cleaning up some old projects that have been languishing.  Right now I'm working on the Shetland Garden Faroese Shawl, started back in March.  I'm on the last chart and it should be just a week's worth of knitting to get it completed.  Today we're going on a cruise with hubby's car club up to Bellingham.  I really like going on these cruises, because it's nice to spend time with hubby and I get to knit all day! 

And there is quilting to talk about too.  Yesterday in between babysitting our garage sale, I worked on this block:


I'm rather proud of this as it required multi-hooping (those of you who machine embroider will understand that) and I managed to line up everything perfectly.  This is the last embroidered block for a quilt that I've been working on.  In two weeks I'll be going to a quilt retreat and will be working on putting the quilt together.  I wanted to have all the embroidery done so I didn't have to take the embroidery module with me.  Next up is to really start practicing on my machine quilting.  I've got so many quilt tops stacked up, it would take me more than a lifetime to hand quilt them.

And, just in case I don't have enough on my plate, I'm excited about getting into digital scrapbooking.  I had started a scrapbook for Izzy, but am only two years behind on hers.  I haven't even started Ivy's!!  I've been looking at T.J.'s beautiful pages and decided that I am much more interested in digital than all the cutting, pasting and embellishment collecting that the other method requires.  I've ordered Photo Shop Elements 7 from Costco.  It comes with a scrapbooking tutorial from Linda Sattgast.   With any luck, by next week I might have a very simple page to show off.

10 thoughts on “Ennui

  1. Yep. Blogging enniu has hit here. I haven’t decided whether to give it up completely or just cut way back, but it’s no fun when it’s a chore and I wish I was off the computer doing something else.

    Congrats on the anniversary.

    Ben and family will be in my prayers. Sometimes a kick out the door can be a good thing, but I don’t know if that works in this economy.

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary! :o) The quilt block is beautiful – multiple hooping sounds complicated!

    I’m sorry to hear about Ben’s job, but I can’t help but be hopeful that it will mean moving closer to you! I will pray for them.

    The sock is nice. I can’t wait to see your scrapbook pages. I find that since I have been working on several in a row, that really helps a lot in building my confidence. I had started and stopped several times before and then forgot. This time, it’s “sticking”.

  3. Don’t even think about cutting back 🙂

    Happy anniversary!

    And hoping your son and family end up here. It would be fun to meet your DIL on a WA yarn crawl.

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    Didn’t Ben’s company move him to Florida? And now he’s out? That really stinks – I’ll keep him in my prayers for something better soon!

    The socks are lovely and the quilt is a thing of beauty!

    You have NO IDEA how nervous I am about next month 🙂

  5. I haven’t been blogging as much as I like–at first I thought that a big slow project just didn’t generate good blog topics, but when I switched to short slow projects, I didn’t have much to say either. But my work bind is easing, and the post ideas are coming back.

    I do have the sense that I need to take on a lot of work just in case it starts drying up.

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing the finished shawl. That pattern is a beauty.

  6. Happy Anniversary! (and many more). I am not a machine embroiderer, but totally impressed, none the less. Hope Ben finds a new frontier sooner rather than later. Seems things usually work out for the best…..

    With all the doom and gloom, I just try to enjoy the little things. BG has discovered why God gave him two hands (besides the chewing aspect). He is quite entertaining!

    The new socks are lovely, btw. Love the Pumpkin color!


  7. Well, I for one give you a big AMEN on the blogging stuff! But I do love your blog, Dorothy, and I happen to think your anniversary and the hanging of your new blinds is very, very interesting!

  8. Dorothy, I so love your blog – but know how we can feel same-old-same-old. I always see such creativity. Your knitting has inspired me. I’m going to a baby shower today with a bib I knit like ones you took to Florida – only just one for me (with a gift certificate). I also finished a cotton hooded baby blanket/towel for another baby due in December – well almost – have to block and sew the hood on. My prayers have definitely included Ben and your family. I think everyone is wondering what will happen throughout the world. Feel we are doing our part to knit a little brightness and cheer!

  9. Yep. My blogging voice is not begging to be heard. I decided a while back to write when I wanted to, not because I had to. So 3 posts a week went to once a week, went to once every two weeks. Or so. That’s where I am now. And probably where I’ll stay. So my advice is post when you want, about whatever you want. You’ll lose some readers, but so what. Ultimately, this is a slice of you, for those who care.

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