Sweater Weather

Sweater weather has returned to Western Washington and I couldn't be happier!  Summer is my least favorite time of year.  I don't like the heat (and here that means anything over 75), and summer fashions don't do a thing for me.  Give me the chill of fall and soft comfy sweaters and turtlenecks and I'm a happy camper.  Although it's still not cool enough for worsted weight sweaters, I dug out my store-bought ones yesterday.  Shorts and tank tops have been consigned to the attic – hooray!

Along with fall has come thoughts of Christmas.  I spent a great deal of this week knitting on stealth projects for Christmas, so no photos.  I have three projects done except for finishing.  Of course with my predilection for procrastinating on finishing, this is none too soon.  The rest of October is going to be taken up with quilting projects.  I'm going on a quilt retreat at the end of the month and I need to get my projects together.  I'll try to blog more about that next week.

I do have one-half of an FO.  I don't usually post pictures of just one sock, but since I have nothing else to show, here is my first sock for the October challenge of Ravelry's Socknitter's Anonymous:


Pattern:  Komet by Steffi Vanderlinden – free download on Ravelry
Yarn:  Knitpicks Essential in Pumpkin
Needles:  Size 0 (2.0) Knitpicks circulars

This is a fun pattern and highly recommended.  I wasn't sure about the name until I saw the picture – you really can see the comets.  I did go down for a tighter gauge.  The pattern is for 66 stitches.  Even with the cables I was afraid it would still be too large for me, so I went for a gauge slightly tighter than called for.  It worked out great and the sock fits well.  On to the second!

7 thoughts on “Sweater Weather

  1. I’m going to have to try socks again one of these days. I have a stash of sock yarn and I’ve been disappointed with the scarves I’ve made from sock yarn. Those are very nice, love the comets.

  2. Love that sock. Need to go get the pattern now. Thanks.

    Autumn is beautiful, but I have to work at enjoying it instead of dreading what comes next. With the early frosts we’ve had, the colors are coming on gorgeous. Wish I could capture them with the camera, but pictures never do justice to the actual autumn display of leaves.

  3. I’m with you on the weather–in addition to wanting to bundle up in sweaters, I like sleeping under heavy blankets.

    The sock turned out very nice, and I love that color.

  4. Gorgeous sock. May I ask the size of your feet?

    Linda and I took a class with Brandon Mably and went to a talk by Kaffe Fassett (rhymes with safe asset) yesterday. Fun, fun, fun. I couldn’t resist and bought a roll of 40 – 2 1/2 inch strips of Kaffe’s latest quilting fabrics. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, but it is pretty to play with.

  5. Good Morning,

    I am thinking about going to the Madrona Fiber Fest in February. Have you been? Should I take Thursday off work?
    Or would I miss much, if I went Thursday after work or Friday morning?
    Did you know Nancy Bush is coming to Wildfibers in Mount Vernon for Sat./Sunday class?

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