Estonian Excitement

At knitting group this week I saw my first copy of Knitted Lace of Estonia  by Nancy Bush.  I had to apologize to the owner for all of the drool marks I left all over it.  I immediately wanted to cast on for every single project!  However, even better – my friend informed me that Nancy Bush was doing a two day workshop on the book in Mt. Vernon – only 45 minutes from my front door!!  I knew she was coming to the Madrona Fiber Festival in Tacoma (3 hours away) in February and I had signed up for the preregistration lottery to get a spot in the class.  Since I haven't heard, I'm assuming I did not get a spot.  However, I was on the phone the minute the shop in Mt. Vernon opened and I snagged a spot for the two day workshop – for only $30 more than the one day workshop at Madrona.  Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Until then, I'm trying to concentrate on getting Christmas presents done.  I guess I can post pictures and everyone who reads my blog will just have to wonder if their present is showing up.  Well, except for little size 2 and 4 sweaters – no wondering who those are for! 

I did finish (well, kinda) one project – the Shetland Garden Faroese Shawl is off the needles:


You'll have to take my word for it.  I tried spreading it out and it didn't look any better.  I'm hoping to have time next weekend to block it.  And isn't it fair to finish one project and start two?


Of course, since they're socks, they don't really count, right?  The brown pair was started because I needed a mindless project to take to knitting group.  Simple top down socks with a mini cable.  The blue pair, Mad Color Weave socks (free download on Ravelry) was started for the Sockknitters Anonymous group.  Actually, it's pretty mindless too, but I didn't realize it until I had done a repeat or two.

I'm happy to report that Maggie came through her surgery with flying colors, although she was pretty sad yesterday:


Her foot is bandaged because she had a weird little dewclaw removed.  That seems to bother her more than the tummy incision.  But she has perked up tremendously today and I think it is going to be very difficult to keep her "quiet" as we have been instructed.  She keeps bringing me her ball and dropping it at my feet to throw for her.  She's going to be pretty bored by the time this is all over.  It's a good thing we are not superstitious.  After Maggie went in for surgery, I realized it was just about a year to the day since we lost Hester.  Looking back at my post for that day still brings tears to my eyes, but Maggie has brought such joy to our lives.  Certainly not a replacement for Hester, but another chapter in life.

Thought you all might like to see some of the cutest Halloween kids:


Is that a precious family, or what???

9 thoughts on “Estonian Excitement

  1. Indeed, that is a precious family!! And so is Maggie. So glad she came through her surgery ok. I have so much respect for your breeder for not putting her through having litters. So many unscrupulous people would not have put Maggie’s welfare first.
    And green is the color of my face. That’s envy for a two day Nancy Bush workshop. The book just blew me away when I first saw it.
    Thinking of you as you remember dear Hester. You are right-another chapter.

  2. I will see you at the Nancy Bush classes at Wild fibers in Mount Vernon.
    I am still hoping to get into Lucy Neatby, Friday class at Madrona. I am thinking tomorrow is the last day to notify, if you are selected for class.

  3. Wow – I am Soooo jealous of your class with Nancy Bush. I have most all of her books, and they are all terrific.

    I am happy to hear that Maggie is doing well. Hester will always be in your heart! There is always room for more doggies in a person’s life. None are replacements – each their own love.

    The fried egg costume is just darhling. Yes – a gorgeous family – for sure!

  4. Definitely a drool-worthy book. I had pre-ordered the minute it was available to do so and it arrived last week (maybe the week before; the weeks have been running together too much lately). Oh, I have to find time to finish my Magickal Earth so I can start one from NB’s book!

  5. I just put Estonian Lace into my cart at KnitPicks as I mull over what else I might want in the order. That is so great about taking a class with Nancy Bush.

    The fried egg costume is sweet. That is an adorable picture.

  6. I am so jealous you got to see that book! I will probably get that for my Christmas present from the kids! :o) I am also jealous you have something like Madrona to go to. I have an awesome lys, but other than that it is not a very fiber friendly area compared to the PNW and other areas. Maggie doesn’t look too thrilled. Can’t wait to see the Shetland Garden blocked! :o)

  7. For sure all vets laugh about the “quiet” instruction in the back room. What normal young dog is going to be “quiet” for ten days?

    Glad to see you’re knitting socks. That’s pretty much what I’m going to be doing between now and Christmas. Sister Carrie wants a February Lady sweater so I may work that in before Chenille is done. Especially since I have the yarn ordered. Who am I kidding? I can hardly wait to start it.

    Looks like the family had fun on Halloween. Cute, cute, cute!

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