The Best Husband Ever

I've always known that hubby was a keeper, but yesterday he cemented his position as The Best Husband Ever.  I came home to find a beautifully wrapped package sitting on the table (in all the emotion that followed, I forgot to take a picture!).  He said it was my birthday/Christmas present.  My birthday is two weeks before Christmas and it's not uncommon for them to be combined.  He said it was my choice to open it now or wait until my birthday.  Talk about pressure!  But then he presented me with a little white box that he said would help me make up my mind:


I immediately began bawling because I knew what it was.  And of course, I opened it.  Meet Mac:


It's the brand new 13" Mac Book.  Hubby saved up the money for it from his aluminum can airplanes and penny stoves!  I am just blown away.  My poor little iBook G4 was limping along with a broken catch and constant error messages – "You are running out of disk space."  The operating system was so old it was no longer supported by Apple!  I am having such fun setting everything up and customizing it to my tastes.  I was a little disappointed that the Migration Assistant wouldn't work to transfer everything over – my iBook was just too old.  But maybe it's for the best.  Transferring everything piece by piece is giving me a chance to get organized.  It's amazing how much garbage can accumulate on a computer in 6-7 years.

I hope that I will get in a little knitting this week to show you.  My plans are to block the Shetland Garden shawl and do the finishing work on two little Christmas sweaters.  I do, however, have a sewing project to show.  I finished this beautiful little angel last weekend:


I'm off to do more computer organizing – but not before I give hubby another big ole smooch!

13 thoughts on “The Best Husband Ever

  1. Your hubby is one terrific guy. I am so happy for you. My G4 is about to die, as well. I think I will let DH read your post. Think he’ll get the hint? Have tons of fun setting you your new computer. Let us know how you like it.

  2. Sweet!!!! My birthday is three days after Christmas so I get the together thing. I love my MacBook and I’m sure you’ll love yours. I do envy you the black keys though… mine are all white!

    Enjoy the new ‘puter, it’s going to be alot of fun for you!

  3. Congratulations! I’ve wanted to go back to a Mac for ages now; worked on them all through college and beyond, but we switched to PC a few years ago because not a lot of educational software was out there for the Mac, but I believe the Mac can now read PC software? Might have to think about switching back; our current computer seems to be nearing the end.

  4. How empty my life would be without you. My wife, my best friend, my soul mate. Here’s wishing you a wonderful Birthday and a very Merry Christmas!

  5. How great it is to have a son-in0law who treats my daughter in such a loving way. What more could any father ask for his daughter?

  6. Wow! How exciting! :o) I only met him briefly, but that was enough to tell that he was a keeper, Mac or no Mac! LOL Now you can work on your scrapbooking anywhere!

    The angel is gorgeous. I never thought I would have a need or a want for an embroidery machine, but you have really inspired me with your creations!

  7. What a great present–congratulations on the new computer and happy birthday.

    I wish I had an excuse for a laptop because they’re so cool, but I can’t complain with my 24″ screen.

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