Mission Accomplished!

I set several goals for myself this weekend – to finish the Shetland Garden Faroese Shawl, to finish two little Christmas sweaters and to finish quilting a quilt for our Community Quilt Project.  I'm happy to say I completed all of them!  It took some discipline – I really wanted to sit down and play with my new computer.  But I do feel such a sense of accomplishment and peace to have these projects finished.

First up – the shawl, before:


And after blocking:


Pattern:  Shetland Garden Faorese Shawl by Syvia Harding
Yarn:  Dream in Color Baby in the Gothic Rose colorway
Needles:  Size 4 Knitpicks Options

This was a fun knit.  Although it isn't a pattern I will do over again, like Peacock Feathers, it was a great pattern, easy to follow and error free.  The yarn really bled in the wash, but there was no transfer onto the white sheet during blocking, so I think it all came out.  The edge is technically supposed to be even, but I didn't have enough pins or patience, and blocked out little points.

Next up – little Christmas sweaters (Izzy and Ivy, hide your eyes):



Both sweaters are from Top Down for Toddlers – an absolute essential if you're going to be knitting for little ones.  The title is deceiving because the sizes go up to a 6.  Both sweaters are made of Encore DK with some Jelli Beenz for contrast in Ivy's sweater.  Size 5 needles for both.
There will be more sweaters from this book.  Quick and easy, wearable patterns.

Last up – the quilt:


I didn't piece this quilt, but volunteered to take it home for machine quilting.  This will be sent down to our local hospital's Cancer Unit.  Our goal is that every patient that comes in for treatment gets to choose a quilt to keep with them during treatment.  Unfortunately we have having a hard time keeping up.

Now that I've gotten my goals for the weekend accomplished, I can relax and play with my computer this afternoon.  I've gotten most of my photos transferred over, although I'm having some problems with some of them.  Some of my files are corrupted and I'm not sure I can recover them.  So Monday I'll need to check our safety deposit box for a backup, or worst case scenario I do have printouts of some of the best, so I could scan those in if necessary.  Soon I hope to have some digital scrapbook pages to show, but at this point I'm awfully slow!!

And, as you can see from the photo, Maggie seems to be feeling well.  It's still a problem keeping her "quiet" and I think as of today I'm giving up.  If the weather is nice I'll take her out for a short walk today.  We're both going a little buggy and need some exercise.  She'll be one happy little camper, and to tell the truth, so will I!

15 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished!

  1. Love the shawl and the quilt. Maggie looks so nice, very shiny coat. They heal very quickly, as long as she’s not trying to scale mountains I suspect she’ll be fine.

  2. WOW – what an awesome finishing frenzy!
    That shawl is gorgeous – I’m wishing I had started THAT one instead of Irtfaa (which is sitting in a basket somewhere).
    Aren’t you wonderful to do the machine quilting on the pretty blue/yellow quilt! I’m in the midst of quilting my little baby quilt and it seems to be taking forever…I keep deciding to add more quilting!
    and the little sweaters are adorable too 🙂

  3. Isn’t it wonderful to have projects finished…especially those that have been hanging out there? LOVE the shawl. I am stalled out on all thinks lacy right now. I hope it is just the weather and that I will get back to them in the spring. My hope anyway…
    The little sweaters are just adorable. Encore is a very good yarn for kid’s knits! Nice!

  4. Whoa, so busy. And I know how difficult it would be to stay away from the new toy. We have one in our house, too, only it’s Bryant’s, for his film production program. My fingers have yet to touch it.

    Beautiful shawl.


  5. Just getting caught up here. That is one gorgeous shawl, and I love the color!

    Lewey and Riley send their get well wishes to Maggie. They both have had those little operations, and know what she’s been through.

  6. The shawl turned out so lovely. I have never seen it in a dark color before and it looks good. I hope the recipient likes it. The Christmas sweaters are cute. I am doing a top down sweater for one of my girls right now, the first I’ve done and it’s fun. I have that book too but haven’t used it, the one I’m doing is Knitting Plain and Simple’s ragland cardigan. The quilt is pretty. The Swede in me loves blue and yellow together!

  7. I’ve been so busy haven’t looked at your blog – and what a treat. Everything is beautiful. I love the shawl just as you blocked. The quilt is beautiful. The sweaters are both adorable. Can’t wait to see them modeled in a picture. Your husband is so special and to me it is even more sweet the way he made the money. Computers are such a window to the world. Dorothy you are my hero!

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