Snow Days(s)

We've had some uncharacteristic cold and snowy weather here in the Pacific Northwest.  A snowstorm blew through last Wednesday and Thursday, dumping about 5 inches.  I can just hear Marguerite laughing.  Five inches?  That's springtime in Michigan!  But around here it brings things to a screeching halt.  We rarely get snow and when it does come it doesn't hang around more than a day or two.  This is not only hanging around, it's inviting company.   An even worse storm is predicted starting this afternoon, this one bringing high winds along with it.  So we are prepared and hunkered down.  I have plenty of yarn to keep me entertained, we have a gas stove to keep us warm, a generator to keep the fridge and the internet going and pleasant company aka Bill, Kirby and Maggie.

Maggie, by the way absolutely adores snow!  I should have gotten some video, but she runs and leaps and pounces through it with great abandon.  And she especially loves catching snowballs:


I have continued on my digital scrapbooking and am having so much fun it's ridiculous!  I'm not going to be posting a lot of my pages, but I do want to show you this one that I'm particularly proud of.  This will be one of the first pages of Ivy's scrapbook:


Is that not exceedingly sweet?  This was created using the Baby Robin kit from

Another project that's grabbed my attention:


Potholders!  I needed to make one for a gift exchange and found they were like potato chips – I couldn't just make one.  I got a little carried away.

Never fear that knitting has totally taken a back seat.  Several of our LYS have gotten together with a goal of 100 blankets for Project Linus before the tulips bloom.  This will be my contribution:


It's interesting how the picture came out – it's not that stripey in real life.  This is Encore worsted in the Drifting colorway and the pattern is out of my favorite baby afghan book – Leisure Arts "Our Best Knit Baby Afghans".  I'm finding this so addicting that I may revisit my charity knitting direction.  Besides Project Linus, our local Pregnancy Care Center can always use afghans.   It's the perfect mindless knitting.  The patterns in the book are easily memorized and you just plug into cruise control and go.  No shaping, no fitting, no gauge issues.  The only problem is that after a while they're not so portable.  I guess that's what socks are for, right?

I'm not sure if I'll post again until after Christmas.  I hope the holidays find you surrounded by those you love.   It's hard to imagine peace in our world, but I hope this season reminds us of the gift of God's Son who is able to bring peace to our hearts. 

6 thoughts on “Snow Days(s)

  1. We got the first 5 inches on Sunday. Well over a foot of snow, now. It is pretty, but cold, today 11 degrees with winds forecast for the afternoon thru tomorrow morning.
    I am about 30 miles north of Dorothy.

  2. Great picture of Maggie! Agatha will fetch snowballs if they are hard packed enough but Taffy is not crazy about cold weather, she crawled *under* the covers last night. Wes just snowblowed them a “yard” so they’ll be fine.

  3. Hard to know where to start! I love everything in this post! 🙂 I needed the smile of seeing Maggie catching the snowball. That is such a cute action shot! The page is adorable! I’ve been wanting to try potholders too, these look cute and the afghan is great! I’ve been enjoying everyone’s snow pictures.

  4. Nothing about snow is making me laugh right now. There has been, is, and will be (it’s snowing as I comment) way too much and to long to be funny.

    Oops. I retract that statement. There is something funny about snow – Maggie’s picture! What a great shot.

    Enjoy your brief encounter with the white stuff.

  5. Well, we’ve got it too – about 12″ – although ours is very dry and driftable. Today has been very cold – this morning it hovered around 0-3, but now with cloud cover we are up to a whopping 13 degrees. Tomorrow we’ll get more – but hopefully not as windy as you. Working on Kari’s celtic scarf which is torturously slow and detailed. 15 inches done – only 45 more inches to go! Not a Christmas present, thank God. It’s looking great though. Ordered the yarn for the flower basket shawl – which I’ll start after Christmas. Stay warm! D

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