Well, it's official.  We are snowed in!  On Monday my boss came and picked me up down at the highway, but yesterday hubby decided to brave the elements and take me to work.  Things went well until he tried to get back up our driveway.  This is a far as he got:


This photo was taken about 20 feet down the driveway from our garage.  So close, but so far away!  My sister got a little closer:


You can see the side of our garage in the background.  However, we are NOT complaining.  We're just so thrilled that she made it at all.  It just wouldn't be Christmas without her here. 

Today we decided we would sally forth and walk down to the grocery store to pick up a few items.  It's about 3/4 of a mile downhill to town and about 2 miles uphill back.  We were doing fine until we came around the corner at the bottom of the hill and the wind off the water hit us.  It got a little frigid at that point, so we decided discretion was the better part of valor and hopped on the bus for the trip home.  Here we are setting out:


And here's the end of our driveway:


The crazy thing is that once you get to the end of the driveway, the roads are bare and wet.  We just can't get that far.  The good news is that we should be thawed out by the weekend.

I decided I needed to revisit my UFO's and picked up the Garden Shawl.  The only thing left is the border, but it is pretty tedious! 


I'm about halfway done.  I haven't done any lace in a while and this took some adjusting after working with worsted weight yarn.  But, like riding a bicycle it came back and I'm in a rhythm.  I'd like to get this done before Nancy Bush's class in January, but we'll see.  I am off work until January 5th and can't go anywhere for the immediate future so . . . .

A Merry Christmas to all.  I hope you are surrounded by loved ones as we are.  God has been so incredibly good to us this year and we are very, very thankful.  We miss Ben, Abby and the granddaughters, but will be able to video chat with them as they open their presents from us.  Love to you all!

6 thoughts on “Stranded!

  1. A real white Christmas for you; much of ours has been washed away but there is still plenty on the ground.
    The Garden Shawl is looking lovely.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas to all your family! The law firm I work for has an office in Seattle that has been closing because of the snow. Wow! We celebrated last Friday – but having Mother over for brunch tomorrow morning. Getting ready to go to Christmas Eve church service.

    Love, Margaret

  3. happy holiday from SNOWY Vancouver. I’m here visiting my daughter and her BF again. Haven’t hit the yarn stores yet…

  4. Merry Christmas from Yellowstone and Cody. No snow down here but tons of it in the Park. The animals have descended out of the Park looking for food. My favorite time of year to see so many of God’s creatures. Happy Holidays!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Enjoyed your snow pictures. It sure was the year for snow all across the nation and it seems each area got more than they’re used to having.

    We postponed our Christmas family get together so Kimmy could travel to her dad’s during a window when the roads were not trecherous. So, more fun to come for us.

  6. Beautiful snow! And that shawl will also be beautiful. Borders always take forever; I’m just glad the border for my latest shawl was over with first.

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