Lotsa Knitting

One thing about being snowed in is that there is lotsa time for knitting!  We were not able to get our cars unstuck until yesterday.  I know the snow didn't look that extreme from the photos, but underneath the snow was ice and underneath that gravel, so it was impossible to get traction on the hill up to our house.  We were downright giddy with delight at being able to finally get out yesterday!

While stuck in the house, I engaged in one of my favorite activities – watching cheesy science fiction movies and knitting.  I was determined to conquer the border on the Garden Shawl – and I did!  This is what victory looks like:


All that's left is to weave in a few ends and block.  Since I have the next week off I should be able to get to it fairly quickly.  Usually I like doing the borders on shawls, but this border seemed to be tedious in the extreme.  Perhaps it was because the pattern was difficult to memorize.  It took me about half the edging before I really got it down.

Tomorrow we're really going to get out and are going to the mainland for shopping, lunch out and a movie, courtesy of my sister.  I am way beyond giddy at the prospect.  Is there really a world out there? 

Maggie is going a little stir crazy.  She did get out while there was snow, but now that it is melting, it is a muddy mess out there.  We're going to have to put her on the treadmill to expend some excess energy.  We've spent endless hours throwing her ball down the hall.  She's a good little girl, though, and brings it back every time.  If she drops it where you can't reach it, all you have to say is, "It's too far away!" and she'll nudge it with her nose until you can reach it.

In the meantime, she pretended to be snuggly with my sister, but I think she had ulterior motives:


Although usually a huge fan of New Year's resolutions, I have decided not to make any this year.  I am going to use the next week off work to try and get a little more organized.  I'll try to do an organizational project each day and my reward will be some "play" time.  So far I've organized the hutch in our kitchen, which had become a dumping spot for just about everything. 

My major job will be organizing my sewing room – AGAIN!  I do not seem to have the knack of keeping it tidy when I'm working on a project.  I hope to find the bottom so I can start on a new project on New Year's Day.  I usually start a new project for the new year.  This year it will be a quilt rather than a knitting project – so stay tuned!

Hope this finds everyone safe and digging out from all the snow.  Happy New Year to all my readers!

5 thoughts on “Lotsa Knitting

  1. Looking forward to seeing the New Year’s Quilt. Glad you are out and about after the storm. We have had horrific wind. Your suggestion spurred me on to start a new blog. Thanks, and Happy New Year to all.

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Agatha is our ball fetcher but we taught her to “give” which means she must put the toy into your hand. No more reaching down, she’ll get up on her hind legs to get it to you. With Taffy, we’re lucky if it’s even close to your feet, she has no intention of making things easier for you *lolol*

  3. The shawl is a masterpiece.

    I like the idea (sometimes) of being cooped up so I can get needed chores and knitting done. I think organizational things will be on my 2009 to-do list, but in a somewhat casual way.

    Happy New Year to you.

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