Spring Cleaning

I was trying to work in my sewing room today and was getting a little frustrated at the clutter.  So I decided to engage in a little spring cleaning.  I moved out the keyboard, which I really wasn't using.  I think I'll save it and see if Ben and Abby want it.  I had all these plans for practicing my piano skills, but it just ain't happening – it's just another piece of furniture to trip over.  With hubby's help I also moved out the easy chair.  The only thing I really use it for is hand quilting and I'd much rather do that out in the living room.  After we moved the rest of the furniture around, I went down to WalMart and bought a new ironing board.  The result – a much more functional and creative space:



I wish I had remembered to take a "before" photo.   Maggie has issued her stamp of approval, but Kirby's not so sure.  The chair I moved out was one of his favorite napping places.  I bought him a new little doggie bed, but he is not amused:


At the top of the second sewing room photo you can just see the edge of a new applique quilt that I've started.  We had a very inspiring speaker at our quilt guild last week who showed some gorgeous applique, and I just had to start a new quilt.  It's tulips of course – in honor of spring.  I can't remember when I've been so happy to see spring around the corner!

It's less than two weeks before vacation, too!  I need to start deciding what to pack.  The knitting and sewing, of course, not the clothes.  I think I'll be taking the socks I've been working on and some applique quilt squares.  While I'm at my parents' house, I'll be spending a lot of time scanning in family photos – assuming I can coax my Mac into working with their scanner.

And, just to prove I am doing my part for the economy – I got a new toy:


It's an iPod Touch (forgive the fuzzy photo).  I love it!!  I read an article yesterday calling it the poor man's iPhone.  At the price I wouldn't call it the poor man's anything, but it does have pretty much everything the iPhone does, except the phone and a camera.  It holds way more music, though.  I can download movies, surf the net and run lots of fun Apps.  For 99 cents I got the collected works of Jane Austen.  Now, whether or not I'll be able to read very well on such a small screen remains to be seen, but in a pinch it might just come in handy.  I can also transfer over .pdf's and .doc's of knitting patterns!  Pretty cool, huh?

13 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Cool little toy you have there!! I would consider buying one just to have one place to put all of my knitting, crocheting, and sewing patterns/tutorials!! And I am truly coveting your lace shawls! I’m not at that knitting level yet and doubt if I ever will be.

  2. I just had a quick minute online tonight and had to stop in. It was lovely to see the changes on your look here, so pretty. And it was fun to see your room changes, having seen it in person before. I loved catching up. I hope to be back more regular in a few weeks. Moving next weekend, painting and cleaning all this week!

  3. I really need to wade through the sewing room, it’s a complete and utter disaster. Love the pic of Maggie though, it looks like she’s comfortable in there!

  4. Hey, mom (and comment readers).

    I’ve put aside some time in my schedule to learn iPhone programming. If you have any ideas for a knitting/needlework application, let me know!

  5. Your craft room looks good all organized! I really need to do the same with my office. It’s a total disaster.

    And is that your son offering to create a knitting iPhone app for us? That might make it worth buying an iPhone!

  6. Congrats on the Touch. I got one for Christmas. There’s a thread on Ravelry about all of the knitting apps available. Bet there are some quilting ones, too. Your craft room looks great. Nice job!

  7. Your sewing room looks fantastic–and it makes me feel as if I should leap up and do something with mine. Am I just late getting around in blogland? Your blog makeover looks terrific too.

    And I thought I was on the cutting edge with my iPod Classic and its video screen.

  8. Oh, my. Now I really *do* have to clean my sewing room… I’ve got so much stuff stacked in there that I can’t see the floor anymore. (I’m pretty sure I remember it being carpeted…)

  9. I love seeing others craft areas! Yours is beautiful and so well organized. Always motivates me to make changes of my own. I think spring is well deserved for us all this year. Perhaps its the economy also … with spring comes new hope and all. Just a thought. Enjoy your pre-vacation excitement! One of the best parts….

  10. Wow! Your sewing room looks great! I really like the colour of your blog makeover, too. I’m supposed to be cleaning the whole house today, but I think I’ll take a break a go knit outside for a bit. It is finally sunny and woohoo it is above zero – 2 degrees celsius. I have an HP Touch, if you remember, but I like yours…

  11. I love that feeling or reorganizing, just don’t do it often enough.

    I have the poor man’s IPhone – the HTC Touch. I do like it. Does everything and I got it for free 🙂

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