Time Out!!

Did you ever have one of those days??  I was going to make a huge sprint for the finish line and try to complete Hidcote before I left on vacation.  I began to suspect I was in trouble last night.  On the next to the last chart I somehow got off on my symmetricalness.  I thought I could recover, but as I started the last chart this morning, I realized I was only kidding myself:


I think (well, I KNOW) I'm going to have to do some serious ripping, so Hidcote has gone into the time out chair.  Probably for a lengthy period.  My Embrace the Lace Club shipment is on its way, so I think I'm ready for a fresh start on something.

And, just to prove it's not my day – yesterday I started a batch of the famous New York Times No-Knead bread.  I knew I was in trouble from the start on this.  Instead of 1 5/8 cup of water, I put in 1 7/8 cup.  I thought I could recover by just adding a little more flour.  Once again, I was only kidding myself:


I wish I could say it tasted better than it looks, but it actually tastes worse!  To make matters even worse, the whole process kept making my smoke detectors go off, resulting in a very unhappy Corgi sitting in the middle of the living room howling!

At least I have an exciting week to look forward to.  Only two more days of work and I'm off to Missouri to visit the parents.  In addition to my Lace Club shipment, I also ordered Cookie A's new sock book.  With any luck, both will come before I leave so I'll have something new to occupy myself on the flight.  

I certainly need something new to console myself over knitting and cooking disasters!  I don't know if I'll have time to post while on vacation.  I'm going to be way too busy relaxing!

13 thoughts on “Time Out!!

  1. After a couple of visits to the Rivers Edge Fish & Grill, the knitting and baking will both probably do better.

  2. Have a wonderful vacation, and don’t worry about the oops stuff this past weekend. I know I have been in the same boat more times than I care to count. Homemade spaghetti sauce-instead of 1/3tsp. cayenne pepper, I read the recipe wrong and put in 3 tsps. No recovering from that. Made our eyes water. Enjoy your visit to Missouri!

  3. I ordered Cookie’s book from Amazon and hope it’s here by the time I get home. We should be able to have lots of sock fun knitting some of those gorgeous patterns. I’m so ready for some challenging socks instead of routine birthday socks.

    Have a great trip. Maybe we’ll pass each other in the sky.

  4. Sorry for the knitting and bread woes! May your vacation be really nice πŸ™‚

    I’m looking forward to my copy of that sock book as well!

  5. Sometimes even a good knitting project needs a time out to teach it a lesson. Some fancy socks might just be the thing you need! Have a good trip!

  6. I have days and knitting evenings like that too. Your vacation ought to make everything look better when you get back. That book is on my wish list too (after I satisfy the tax man).

  7. Sorry about Hidcote 😦
    Hope you’re having a great trip. I just got my Cookie book and started my 1st pair – lots of choices in there!

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