Missouri Travelogue

I always experience a bit of culture shock when going back home.  There is a world of difference between the wide open vistas of snow-capped mountains, oceans and evergreens of Whidbey Island and the deciduous forests and low rolling hills and farmlands of the Ozarks.  Of course, you gotta love an area with such charming tourist attractions as the Bucksnort Saloon and Hillbilly Junction (actually, one of my favorite tourist traps).  My home town is the proverbial wide spot in the road that you will miss if you blink:


This is the side street that runs by my parents' house:


My parents' house was built back in the 1930's out of rock imported from Arkansas.  It is a fossil hunter's treasure trove, with evidence of shells, sand formations and even petrified wood:


The town has few amenities, but does boast a cafe with the best catfish and hushpuppies in the country, at least in my opinion.  And one of the town's charming residents is a Basset Hound with his own pet duck:


Apparently you never see one without the other.  I wanted to go over and give the dog a big scratch behind his ears, but he growled at me.  Dad said he didn't think he would bite – it would require too much energy!  But I wasn't taking any chances. 

As the dog proves, life in Thomasville is relaxed and easy going.  Everyone knows everyone else – in fact, they all seem to be related.  It seemed as if every time we met someone, Mom told me he/she was a cousin!  We had a great time just kicking back and doing nothing and visiting with family:


From left to right:  Mom, Kim (my brother's wife), Mike (my brother), me, Aaron (my nephew and an all-around nice kid), Claudia (my sister) and Dad.  The only ones missing were my brother Pat and his fiancee Barbara. 

I did get quite a bit of knitting done.  Believe it or not, I took Hidcote.  The time-out chair lasted all of about four hours and I couldn't stand it anymore.  I'm up to the last chart and have decided that I want to finish this before I start anything else.

I also spent a lot of time scanning old photos into my computer.  I had a huge pile and wasn't sure I'd make it, but I got them all in.  I'm hoping to do some scrapbooking with them.  Here's one of my favorites:


I'm on the far left.  And these two photos are for Marguerite – not up to her quality, but I felt lucky to get them:



Fortunately I have three days left before I have to go back to work, but a lot on my plate, including taxes.  But it sure is good to be home!

5 thoughts on “Missouri Travelogue

  1. Glad you’re home safe, sound, and happy with your trip. Me too.

    Very nice bird pictures. Two of my favorites – Cardinal and Red-bellied woodpecker.

  2. The old hometown looks like a perfect little slice of America. It must be fun to live in a house made with fossils! That reminds me of the house Laura Ingalls Wilder’s daughter had built for her parents in MO, made of rocks from the farmstead.
    Nice family photos. I love the matching sweaters on all 4 happy children. Were they handmade or storebought?

  3. Great photos! You and your siblings look very much alike. And I love cardinals, I just wish we had them around here. I loved having them in the yard when we lived in Texas.

  4. I love to visit those little towns. Reminded me of C’s hometown in Minnesota, located a few miles from the “sinkhole capital of the world.” There is no mistaking you in that photo – that smile!

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