Happy Easter

Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed!  Happy Easter to everyone.  Here in the Pacific Northwest we're having our typical cold, rainy, blustery Easter.  I don't think the kids around here would know what to do with an outdoor Easter egg hunt.  They're usually held indoors because of the weather.  We can have beautiful spring weather right up until Easter, and then it gets cold and rainy again.  The same goes for the 4th of July!

Our Easter has been rather laid back and quiet.  After church we went for a buffet at a local Mexican restaurant.  It was a new take on the Easter buffet and we thought we'd give it a try.  But fajitas and tacos just don't seem in keeping with tradition, so we'll probably do a more traditional buffet next year.  Then we visited Bill's mom and took her some flowers.  After that it was home for a nap and now the day is almost over.  I know, the excitement here is almost too much to bear.  After blogging I think I'll work on some scrapbooking.

While I was on vacation I hit upon an idea for a page featuring Ivy and her tea party:


I know I say this about every page, but this is my favorite so far.  I'm especially pleased with my ability to isolate her from the background and I love the quote that I found.  It seems to suit the picture to a "tea"!  This past week brought a little scare as far as Ivy was concerned.  At the local playground, she discovered a mushroom and tried to eat it.  Abby was able to get a big chunk out of her mouth, but since they didn't know the type of mushroom or how much she ate, they took her to the emergency room.  They gave her activated charcoal and hooked her up to an IV and kept her for 6 hours.  She seems to be fine now and Abby said she was a little trooper through it all!  I'm sure Mommy and Daddy have a few more grey hairs, though.

On the knitting front, I finished Hidcote.  Woo hoo!  I was getting a little tired of it.  No pictures until next week when I block it.  I didn't have the urge to cast on anything big, but I've been drooling over the pictures in Cookie A.'s new book, Sock Innovations.  I cast on for the "Rick" socks in some Opal handpaint that I had, but it didn't take long to realize that the yarn was obscuring the pattern.  So I recast on with some Dream in Color Smooshy, with much better results:


I figured if I was putting in this much work, I really wanted to see the pattern.  This will not be a quick knit, but I think will be worth it.  All of her patterns are really stunning.

I haven't blogged yet about my lace club delivery.  It arrived just a day before I left.  I was a little disappointed.  I know I joined the club to expand my repertoire, but neither the color nor the pattern really suits me at all.  The yarn is very nice – Malabrigo lace, but the color is a yellow/green.  Probably one of my least favorite colors.  The pattern is for a Moebius shoulder wrap.  Again – not something that I would probably wear.  I do have a pattern for a beaded scarf that I think might be appropriate, but I'm going to let this simmer for a while.  I still may end up doing the shoulder wrap as a gift, just to be able to try something new.  Who knows – I might even really like it!

I leave you this week with one of the family pictures I scanned in.  This was taken ca. 1955 as our passport photo when we returned from a tour of duty in Japan.  It is one of my favorites:


7 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Our Easter was just the same as yours, minus the buffet. Darn. I would have liked that. Glad Ivy is ok. What a scare! The scrapbook page is adorable, of course. I, too, was very disappointed in the first lace club shipment. I hope the rest are better, or I may just pull the pin on this one and chalk it up to experience. Love the family photo. What treasures you must have of your family. I ran the family portrait studio back in Wisconsin for 22 years, so The Deputy has to be the most photographed baby on the planet.

  2. We’re not having nice spring weather here either. Wool sweater for Easter? OK. I have a few.

    The scrapbook pages you product are awesome. Stands to reason you’d think each one is your favorite.

    Yikes for Ivy and the mushroom. Glad it all worked out OK, but what a scare that must have been.

    My Cookie A. book is in the mail from Amazon. I can hardly wait to get it and have some yarn ready to go. So far I haven’t seen a pattern from that book I don’t want to try.

  3. It was rainy and cool here in Dallas also. Mother was a bit tired so we played hooky from church. About all I did was finish putting tax info. together for the accountant – yes, we’ll have to file an extension. George cooked (and I am his helper) French toast and then fish for our two meals – so we had a very quiet Easter at home. Adore the pictures. Ivy will feel her Nana’s love every time she looks at this picture. So glad you had a good visit with Uncle Claude and Aunt Doris. That area is beautiful, and you have two very precious parents. I know I won the lottery with my mother.

  4. I remember years of soggy easter Eggs hunt at Suddem Valley when the kids where small. Soaked feet and wet candy. On the other hand, my favourite Easter Mass is in Bellingham and I always feel homesick for it when we can’t get down there – like this year.

  5. The tea party page is precious!
    I think “Rick” or possibly “Kai-Mei” will be my next Cookie socks – I’m going to keep it ONE at a time!

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