I Heart Knitting

I decided this week that I really did need to get back to some hibernating projects.  Hubby's Torgeir sweater is all done except for the sleeves, so during some down time waiting for his mother during her hair and physical therapy appointments, I cast on.  Imagine my delight when that night I looked down at my yarn and saw this:

How cool is that?

And that is as about as exciting as my week has been!  It's always tough going back to work after being away for an extended period.  The closer I get to retirement, the harder it gets.  We did do some financial maintenance this week in preparation for my retirement.  Part of that includes refinancing the house.  With interest rates the way they are, it would be foolish not to do so.  And I was pleasantly pleased to see that all of our retirement accounts actually gained this month! 

I have also been working away on my Cookie A socks.  These are not exactly a quick knit, but I think will be more than worth it.  My photo karma doesn't seem to be working this week, because I can't get a good shot, so you'll have to take my word for it.

I can honestly say that there isn't one pair of socks in her new book that I don't want to knit.  I think for the next pair I may just write all the names on slips of paper and draw one at random.  I did do a little stash enhancement at our LYS yesterday.  So much of my sock stash is variegated yarn that just won't work for Cookie A socks.  I found this lovely skein:


It's Calssic Elite Alpaca Sox – 60% alpaca, 20% wool and 20% nylon.  I think my feet will be very happy!

On the same shopping trip I stopped with a friend at the fabric store to help her pick out fabrics for a quilt.  I had no intention of buying anything, but 45 minutes later, I left with two patterns and whole bunch of fabrics to make dresses for the girls!  At least everything I got was on sale:


Now I just have to find the time to make them!!  On a side note – Friday we went out for pizza with our car club.  I was talking to one of the women who had retired about 7 years ago.  I really had to laugh when she told me that I should prepare myself because I would really be bored!!  It reminds me of all the cautions we received when hubby retired.  I was told that he would become really depressed because men's identities were so wrapped up in their careers.  He would quickly become bored and the predictions were dire indeed.  It's four years later and he still hasn't stopped smiling!  He says he doesn't know how he ever found the time to work.

In doggie news, our backyard is still a muddy mess, so I decided to try Maggie out in the front yard yesterday.  She really does need to get out and get some exercise.  There is no fence in the front, so I put her leash on, just so I'd have something to grab onto in case she took off.  I was pleasantly surprised.  She chased her ball and bubbles (her favorite activity) and stayed close.  When the bubbles floated out of the yard and into the driveway, she stopped chasing them.  We did a lot of practice on "come" and "stay" and she performed like a champ! 

I leave you this week with way cute granddaughter pictures.  Lately Isobel has been fascinated by tails.  So Nana found some at Michaels and sent them to her.  What cute little animals!



6 thoughts on “I Heart Knitting

  1. Hmmm…. Maggie likes bubbles? I might have to try that, sounds like a hoot!

    Frankly after moving here I don’t know how Wes and I did everything out in Idaho *and* worked. I’m so busy here, especially with garden season starting that I don’t have time to spin and I’ve GOT to fix that *lol*

  2. I think retirement is what you make of it, and I have know doubt you will enjoy yours to the fullest and be very busy. That’s the key-stay social and keep busy.

  3. It took a few seconds to figure out what was so cool about the yarn. Sweet.

    Into retirement five years, I find myself making lists of all the things I want to be doing so I can select the things I want to do most. I’ve never ever been bored.

    Love the tails.

  4. That heart shape in your yarn is certainly telling you something!

    My mother was always busy after she retired, and my father had to come up with things to do. I suspect it depends on the person–and from this blog entry alone, you’ve got lots to do!

    Let us know how you like the Alpaca Sox. It sounds like a wonderful choice for the Cookie A socks.

  5. Love those tails!
    And bored? I’ve never been bored in my life! The world is so full of fascinating things – I can’t wait till I retire and have more time to play!

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