Coming and Going

I've been meeting myself coming and going this week!  It hasn't been any one big event, but just dozens of little things that have conspired to eat away at my time.  Hubby's sister is gone on an extended vacation and we've come to realize how much caregiving she does for my mother-in-law.  It's taken two of us to take up the slack!  On the plus side, I've done a lot of sitting around waiting during her various appointments, so that translated into some good knitting time.  I was able to finish one sleeve of hubby's Torgier:


Sorry for the crappy photo – you're lucky to get that much!

What I haven't had is long periods of time at home, which I miss.  It has really made me long for retirement!  And things have been pretty challenging at work (more on that to come), so when I get home I haven't had energy to do more than just veg in front of the television.  In fact, I've been so exhausted when I get home that I've really been neglecting going out for walks with Maggie.  I think that's been a huge tactical error.  Tonight when I got home, I made myself go out and found that when I returned, I actually had more energy rather than less.  Plus I had one very happy little puppy who is sleeping peacefully at my feet rather than running around like a crazy dog!

Saturday I spent at church with a group from my quilt guild making Community Quilts for the hospital, foster children, CADA, etc.  Every time I go I keep thinking I need to take my camera – maybe next time!  When I came home I was able to scratch out a little time to work on some blocks for Quilts of Valor – quilts for wounded servicemen:


Both types of sewing really fit into my schedule and mind set this week.  You're basically handed a pattern and pieces (some already cut out) and all you have to do is sit down and sew mindlessly!!  Just what I needed this week.

My usual distraction technique when I don't have much exciting to talk about is darling granddaughters.  Today is no exception:


6 thoughts on “Coming and Going

  1. Trying out my Mac! You’re my first comment. I used to think like the financial planners re retirement – when will I have enough money to retire. With the economic downturn I realize I’ll never have enough to retire so I’m choosing a date and will live with what I have. May have to rent out my house and camp out in B’Ham, but you’ll be close by 😉 Unless you plan on escaping the Pac NW.

  2. I LOVE the pillowcase that Isobel is laying on. Grace has that sweet blanket that mom made her for her birthday and it matches perfectly – I would love to know where they got it. (I *think* you and she were together when she bought the Hungry Caterpillar material – but I could be wrong)

    I wanted to try to make a quilt for Seble and wanted to see if you’d help me (might be more of a challenge than you’re willing to take on). I have been having trouble knitting for more than 5 minutes at a time – so I’m thinking that she’d be 30 before I could finish an afghan of any kind.


  3. I know exactly how you feel. And, it is amazing how much more energy we have when we force ourselves out on that walk. Good for body and mind and doggy. I miss my knitting terribly, but it will be there when I have time. When’s that? Oh yeah, September. Hang in there! And, you are doing a terrific thing for your sister-in-law. Care giving can be much harder on the giver than the recipient.

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