A Mad Social Whirl

The past two weeks have been so busy – with one social obligation after another.  It's so difficult to be popular!  I have managed to have a little down time, but when faced with the decision to blog or to knit, knitting won out.  On the positive side there is now something to blog about.

Our road trip was a lot of fun and very successful.  The drive over the Cascades is always beautiful with snow capped mountains on every side:


Graduation brought back some wonderful memories and knitting was accomplished at the ceremony, by both the attendees and the graduate:


My sister-in-law actually got a photo of herself knitting during the ceremony, but I don't have a copy yet.  I think the other graduates thought she was a little strange, but they're young so we'll have to give them a little latitude.

After many years of hard work Debbie has earned her Master's Degree and we are very proud of her!  Her boss posed for photos with her, wearing the handknitted socks she made for him:


The road trip provided almost 12 hours of concentrated knitting time.  I finished one little baby sweater and started another, which I finished shortly after arriving back home:


This is the Babies and Bears Cardigan from Cottage Creations.  I don't know when I've had so much fun with a pattern.  It is truly addicting!  I've started another one:


These will all be for charity.  My sister belongs to an organization called Eastside Baby Corner.  They are a clearinghouse which coordinates getting donations to the appropriate organizations that can distribute them to those who need them.  Irrationally, I was feeling a little guilty about knitting the same thing over and over, but I'm not sure why!  I'm having fun and I'm doing something that's needed.  So I may just knit a dozen!!

Saturday was the Third Annual Spring Tea at my house.  The teacups waited patiently for the guests to arrive:


We had about 20 honored guests:



Maggie was in doggie heaven because the girls attending spent a lot of time outside playing with her.  Hubby said she crashed big time afterwards, only rousing herself briefly to eat dinner.

After the party was over, my sister and I did a quick clean up and headed off for the opera in Seattle.  Yes, I overbooked myself!  We saw "The Marriage of Figaro".  It was wonderful!  The cast did a great job with the comedic portions and the arias, especially those of the Countess, were awe inspiring.

So there you have it!  The Mad Social Whirl.  I think I'll go back to work tomorrow for a bit of a rest!

8 thoughts on “A Mad Social Whirl

  1. Whew! I got tired just reading your post. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. It’s so much better to be too busy than not busy enough. Keep it up. I do love the baby sweaters, too. Going to have to stockpile that pattern for the future.

  2. It is amazing that you managed any knitting at all. From the photos, those almost look like “baby surprise” jackets (and I think I might be the only knitter on the planet who has never knitted one like that). I had a Mon Tricot baby sacque that I made over and over for presents–it worked, and it always looked fine.

  3. What a wonderful vacation!!

    Aren’t Cottage Creation patterns wonderful – I’ve made several (My 1st socks ever in the 1980s were Wisconsin Winter Socks and I’ve made about 5-6 Wonderful Wallabys – also a few dolls) YOUR baby sweaters are adorable – gotta go look that pattern up!

  4. It’s that time of year – one thing after another – all good things but why do they all seem to happen at once?

    Sounds like you had a great time and even got some knitting done. Love the little sweaters. No wonder you don’t want to dig into Cookie socks right now.

  5. How nice that your SIL’s boss appreciates her knitting.

    Sounds like you’ve had fun with the added bonus of lots of knitting. I do like that baby pattern. I once took a class with Carol Anderson of Cottage Creations and love the homey feel of her patterns.

  6. What a marvelous time you have had!! Congrats to your SIL! Love the line-up of tea cups, and the ladies hats are quite the fashion statement – What fun…..

    As for multiple baby sweaters, sounds like the perfect project to me. Enjoyable knitting with a cause…..

  7. Welcome back – missed you! I LOVE that photo with your SIL’s boss. I’m heading right over to ravelry to look up that baby sweater pattern. I have gifts to knit and they look quick and nice.

  8. I love that photo of the socks your SIL knitted for her boss! And one of these years I’m going to get to your house for that spring tea! I even have the hat!

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