Walks, Lace, Quilts and Tomotao-Eating Dogs

Perhaps it's the contrast with the hot muggy climate of Orlando, but our weather here has been spectacular of late.  We returned to cool rainy weather, which felt great.  But later in the week the sun came out.  Mid 70's, low humidity, perfect!  For many years there was nowhere safe to walk around our house, but one of the few positive effects of development has been the creation of some very nice walking areas.  Maggie and I found a new one shortly before we left for Orlando.  It's a nice walk out our backdoor and through the woods to some new housing developments and from there to a beautiful community park complete with children's playground, soccer fields and a Frisbee golf course.  It's 1 mile there and 1 mile back – a nice workout for us both.  I had decided that a good pedometer might inspire me to keep at it, but in looking at them, the really good ones were rather expensive.  Imagine my delight when I found an application for my iPod that works beautifully! 


It records steps, mileage, speed and then emails me the result for an Excel spreadsheet!  All for $1.99.  And I can listen to audio books while I walk.

As I've mentioned, stress at work has kept my knitting rather simple, but I'm finally feeling like tackling some more ambitious projects.  I'm about halfway through my Embrace the Lace club selection, the Heart to Heart beaded scarf.  I'll settle in with Battlestar Galactica tonight and should reach the point where I start decreasing.


Hubby and I had decided to take another stab at growing tomatoes in our sunroom.  It doesn't really get warm enough around here to have much of a success growing them outside.  The plants were doing rather well when we left for Orlando, but suffered from a tad bit of neglect while we were gone.  However, we did have a few respectable little cherry tomatoes taking shape and some just about ready for picking.  Until we came home the other day to find the plants totally denuded of tomatoes and Maggie just finishing up munching on a green one!  The little stinker had eaten all but one of our tomatoes!! 


The only one left was too high for her to reach.  Maybe we'll try again next year, but put them on a table or bench.

Today has been a blissfully free day and I started working on one of a pair of matching quilts for the girls.  This one will probably be for Isobel – Abby helped me pick out the fabric while I was in Orlando:


My original plan was to make them both the same, but Abby suggested I use the same fabrics, but different designs.  So I'm on the lookout for a design for Ivy's quilt.

Off to work on the quilt for a little longer and then dust and shop for few groceries.  The usual mad social whirl!

5 thoughts on “Walks, Lace, Quilts and Tomotao-Eating Dogs

  1. We’re being *very* careful to not show the girls that the garden is edible. We’ve only caught Agatha munching lettuce once and we came down on her like a sack of hammers so she didn’t do it again. I need to harvest carrots today and I’m locking them in while I do it *g* They are clever, very, very, smart and clever!

  2. It’s amazing what dogs will munch in the garden. My grandmother’s dog used to eat all the strawberries. He seemed to like them best just before they were ripe.

    How about another setting of the same blocks for the other quilt?

  3. Oooh, pretty quilt. I like the idea of 2 different quilts with the same fabric.

    I let my littlest one pick the seed packets so we are growing carrot (singular), sweet pea flowers, sunflowers, cacti, peas and beans. The corn died rather quickly.

  4. Chuck’s cousin and I just bought pedometers for $30 and he couldn’t believe we spent so much. I was reading your post to her and C overheard the $1.99 part. See, he said, I knew there were cheaper ones. I let him know that I’d have to buy the IPod first šŸ˜‰

  5. That is a very cool app.

    I wouldn’t have thought that dogs ate tomatoes, but I had a cat that was insane about olives (black, green, with and without pimentos)–so there’s no telling what they’ll eat. If you continue to care for the tomato plant, you should get more.

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