Hot and Steamy Orlando

Greetings from hot and steamy Orlando.  This is our last full day here; we leave tomorrow for home.  I will miss my children and grandchildren – I will not miss the weather.  For instance, today it was in the mid 90's and at least that much humidity.  Hubby read that the heat index was 103.  I think they were a little on the low side.  Abby and the girls and I headed out to the park for a blogger meet-up.  Kris, of Sonny and Shear, and her daughter Anna Grace met up with us.  We look happy, but we were standing in little puddles of sweat as we slowly melted into the ground:

Bloggers AGandIsobel

Honestly, though, this has been the hottest day so far – the rest have been at least tolerable, but we have had a lot of rain.

The girls are absolutely delightful!  They have grown and changed so much and are so much fun.  Their parents are doing an outstanding job of raising them:


Both girls adore their Yeh-Yeh (grandfather), especially Ivy:


The first thing we hear in the morning is "Yeh-Yeh, oh Yeh-Yeh."  But Nana has gotten in a few coups herself.  Yesterday they had a little girlfriend over to play.  While the rest were watching cartoons, Isobel decided that knitting is way more interesting:


In fact, any time I've gotten my knitting out, she's come over to help.  Needless to say, not much knitting has been accomplished, but there is certainly a yarn lover developing.  She especially likes to cuddle with my yarn and sniff it!  Yep, Izzy, I love the smell of wool too!

Yesterday I fully intended to post on the blog, but when I went to retrieve my laptop, I discovered that Ben had taken it to work, thinking it was his.  Reasonable error, I guess, when this is the scene on the counter:


We are definitely a Mac loving family and I think we have a new convert:


Ben and Abby gave hubby an iMac!!  They weren't using their desktop and offered it to him.  That's one of the advantages to having technologically advanced children – we get their cast-offs, which are still pretty up-to-date.  I've been trying to convert hubby, but was a little leery of spending a lot of money to find that he didn't like it.  So far, I think we may have a winner.

A busy day tomorrow, with 4th of July celebrations, packing and then a long trip home.  It will feel so good to sleep in my own bed and be able to sit out in the yard in the cool of the day.  But I will miss the family here.  Good news, though – Ben and Isobel are coming out to visit in July for a family reunion.  I can't wait – and neither can Maggie.  I think she and Isobel will really hit it off!!

10 thoughts on “Hot and Steamy Orlando

  1. I love all the macs stacked up! 🙂 I can really see a big change in the girls! They are really growing. It looks like you are having a fun time but I am sorry about the heat index. That’s no fun at all! How fun that you got to meet another blogger too!

  2. Hmmm – my daughter and her SO are a Mac shop as well. I’ll have to remind them about where to cast off ( 😉 ) their too-old computers!

  3. The picture of the two sisters is so precious. Ivy’s not a baby anymore.

    So they’re coming in July. This is July! You’ll be seeing each other again soon.

    Have a good trip home.

  4. Glad you had a good time!
    My grandkids live in Florida, as well. Isn’t it frustrating not to be able to knit them little wooly sweaters? And hats? And mittens?

  5. It sounds like a great trip (and I love your pictures).

    So far the only non-Mac holdout around here is my son. He claimed that for online gaming, the PC was better (an application that holds little interest for me). He will need a new computer soon, and so I’ll watch without offering any advice to see what he comes home with.

  6. The girls are darling as always. Ivy isn’t a baby anymore! What is that giant green thing you are sitting on? A giant dog bed? A huge bean bag chair?

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