What a fun week this has been – time off from work, Ben and Isobel here and lots of time with friends and family.  Ben and Izzy arrived on Wednesday and on Thursday the rest of the family started trickling in.  This was the first time in probably 20 years that hubby's brothers and sisters have all been together.  It was a mad whirl of activity with lots of photo ops:

There was art appreciation:


Poking sticks in the pond with grandpa:


Snuggling with great-grandma:


Chowing down:


Posing with family:


And more family:


The oldest and youngest at the reunion:


On Sunday Ben's best friend came to visit with his 4-year old and they dragged Nana and Yeh-yeh into the sprinkler (Maggie didn't have to be dragged!);


All in all it was a lovely, lovely time.  Our only regret was that Abby and Ivy were not here.  But we certainly understand the challenges of traveling across country with a 22-month old!  Ben & Isobel left this morning.  Hubby took them to the airport and said as he drove away Isobel was standing at the curb, yelling at the top of her lungs, "I love you Yeh-yeh!  See you soon!"  Ben said when they got into the terminal she was wiping her eyes and said, "How about we be sad next time?"  I think that was her way of trying not to be sad this time!  We will miss her and her Daddy!

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