Heat Wave!

Pacific Northwesterners are notorious heat wimps and this past week has tested our endurance to the limit.  On Wednesday it was 103 degrees in Seattle and not much cooler here on the island.  Our average summer temps are in the low to mid 70's!  Very few houses have air conditioners and we were melting!  Fortunately it did cool down a little at night, especially here.  Blessed relief came Thursday, with a nice offshore breeze and temps down to where they should be.

Needless to say, very little knitting was accomplished.  All we could do at night was lie prostrate on the couch with the fan blowing on us and squirting ourselves periodically with a water bottle.  The thought of even laceweight yarn was enough to induce a coma!

On Thursday, in addition to the wonderful cooling, my Embrace the Lace shipment arrived.  I really should have taken a lovely photo right out of the box, but I was so anxious to start knitting that I wound the yarn into a cake and cast on right away!  This really is a wonderful shipment.  The shawl is oversized and has a bit of heft to it.  Although I do love the light, ethereal shawls, I also love those that have some body.  The pattern is not easy to memorize, but it is easy to follow and I hope will go quickly.  Providing I am not distracted with other projects, as you will see soon that I am.  The yarn is slightly heavier than laceweight and is a lovely cafe-au-lait color:


Today was again cool and I tromped off to the mainlaind for some fabric shopping.  Did you ever have one of those shopping trips where everything went so smoothly that it was a little scary?  I found everything I was looking for and even found some of my favorite camisoles for 70% off!

I bought fabric for an upcoming Mystery Quilt project with my Round Robin Group:


I bought fabric for a quilt for Abby:


Yes, I know it looks plain, but it's going to have a lot of elaborate machine embroidery.

When I bought the fabric in Orlando for the girls' quilts, I made a huge tactical error and didn't buy anywhere near enough.  Since I bought it at JoAnn's, I checked the JoAnn's here and they had every single fabric I needed:


And then, I stopped by the yarn shop to buy some nice soft, comfy Encore, because two little girls are going to need warm woolies come fall.


Oh wait!   Didn't I tell you??  Ben & Abby and girls are moving back to Washington!!!  Hubby will be flying out the last week of August to help them pack up and then will help them with the girls on the flight back.  Words cannot express how terribly happy we are.  They're not sure yet exactly where they will live.  It will probably not be on the island, but anywhere between here and Seattle will send us over the moon.

So now I've gone from having almost no knitting projects going to having a handful!  Lace, little girls sweaters, finishing of Abby's warm sweater, not to mention at least four quilts.  Retirement cannot come soon enough!

14 thoughts on “Heat Wave!

  1. How wonderful for you all! Life is good!
    I love the colors of the shawl yarn.
    My son is back in Oregon for the month and I was surprised when he told me on Thurs. that it was 102 where he is. Fortunately with air conditioning.

  2. You must be ecstatic to have your loved ones moving so close, Dorothy. I am so, so happy for you. Retirement in the offing and grandbabies near. Now that’s a wonderful life.
    We are having the opposite weather-cold and rainy all summer long. Sends the tourists straight into the Museum.
    I, too, thought this was the best Lace shipment yet. Glad I hung in there with the club. I am a big fan of Renee Leverington.
    I’ll be anxious to see what you knit up for the girls with the Encore. They will, indeed, need warm woolies.

  3. Life is good indeed! It’s just perfect that they are moving back.

    The heat earlier this week nearly killed us. I actually slept outside in the hammock one night. If I could have figured out how to sleep in the lake without drowning, I’d have been there.

  4. Just thrilled for you that Ben, Abby, and the girls will be moving near to you. How exciting!!!! I am sure you will be very busy getting them all outfitted in winter garb.

    My sister lives in Northern Idaho, and they also have been suffering with the heat. We are cool here, where the farmers are crying…they NEED heat for the corn and soybean crops. Mother nature is a little mixed up these days. Perhaps she is menopausal??? vbg

    Great family reunion photos. Thanks for sharing,

  5. I’ve been wondering how you’ve slogged through the heat. I think your traditional summers have moved East this year–we’re about to have our first 90-degree day tomorrow (and I can’t say I’m happy about it).

    That is great about the move, and so I guess the warm sweaters are definitely must-have items. Great colors.

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