I had a goal of making a baker's dozen of these little baby sweaters, but I am ready to say, "Enough"!


I've done nine of them and I don't think my poor hands can take any more.  I've been having a lot of pain in my right hand and went to the doctor's thinking I had arthritis.  He took x-rays and assured me that my joints are in fine shape.  No carpal tunnel either.  He thought I might have injured it somehow, and asked if I had done anything different in the last six months.  The only thing I could think about was knitting all those worsted weight sweaters when I usually only knit with sport weight or finer.  He said to lay off the heavier yarn for a while and file this under the heading of "No good deed goes unpunished."  It remains yet to be seen if the pain will go away, though.

Fortunately, I do have lighter weight projects on the agenda.  I've been knitting on my Embrace the Lace project.  It's a slightly heavier than laceweight yarn and the pattern is a real joy:


However, I am trying not to overdo and am limiting my knitting time with lots of breaks.

Are any of you out there fans of pressure cooking?  I've been looking for something to jump start my interest in cooking.  Hubby has had the major kitchen duties for the past few years, but I told him I'd take over when I retired.  I was reading an article on pressure cookers and I guess they're much more sophisticated than the old jiggling and hissing cookers of years gone by.  I ordered a set of Fagor cookers from Costco.  Unfortunately, the large cooker came with a broken handle and is unusable.  Costco promised me a new one shipped out right away from the manufacturer, but I don't know how long that will take.  In the meantime, I'm practicing with the small one.  Last night – herbed and honey carrots:


They were delicious and only took three minutes to cook!  I also cooked some chicken and livers for Kirby.  He's been real finicky about eating lately.  He's already underweight and we've been a little worried.  Normally I wouldn't kowtow to a dog's turning their nose up at food, but he's 15 and deserves a little coddling.  He loved the chicken, livers and rice, so maybe we have a winner.  Tonight I think I'll make Beef Teriyaki (for me, not for Kirby).

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and loaded up on lots of meat to feed to the troops.  I came home and vacuum sealed it all and popped it in the freezer.  It's nice to have something constructive to do.  Hubby left yesterday morning for Orlando to help the kids with the move.  They'll be a regular beehive of activity packing and getting ready while I sit and wait.  Well, not just sit and wait – I actually do have a whole list of things planned, so I hope that will make the time go quickly.  It's hard being here when everyone else is there!

I did manage to get some little sport weight sweaters done for the girls.


They were going to be Christmas sweaters, but while appropriate for winter sweaters in Orlando, they're more suited to summer in the Pacific Northwest.  Once again I will have to off island for buttons, but hope to have them done to give them when they arrive – NEXT WEEK!  Be still my heart!!

9 thoughts on “Enough!

  1. I use my pressure cooker all the time and there are some great pressure cooker cookbooks. I make everything from jams to boiled peanuts to beef roasts, you name it. Dried beans…no soaking over night…15 minutes in the pressure cooker. Roasts…. 40 minutes in the pressure cooker and you can cook the potatoes and such at the same time. I use ours several times a week. I, too, have a Fagor and I also have one of the old fashioned varieties. The Fagor inspires no fear, it is a lock and seal variety with no explosion potential. The old one….well I make everyone stay out of the kitchen if I use that thing.

  2. I have several of the old-fashioned pressure cookers. I use them in spurts, even have one in the RV. Have fun cooking. Remember you can cook breads, meats, veggies and the flavors don’t cross over to the other items.

    The week will go by faster than you can imagine.

  3. You may have what I had, Dorothy. De Quarvain’s Tenosynovitis. Google it, and see what you get. I finally had a shot of corticosteroid in the wrist, and the pain has totally disappeared. I am back to knitting, when I get the chance, all I want. Hope this helps.

  4. We couldn’t do without the pressure cooker. Look for Lorna Sass’s cookbooks to get you started, but then you can modify your own favorite recipes once you figure out the timing. It’s a lifesaver if you’re fond of beans (the dried variety). Try a pot roast in the pressure cooker, and you’ll never look back.

  5. I hope your knitting injury heals quickly!
    I use my pressure cooker for canning and for cooking dried beans (ready in minutes instead of hours!)
    My grandmother used hers constantly – she always cooked meats in it, and I wish I could remember what-all else…

  6. A co-worker swears by creme caramel in the pressure cooker.

    I think after a dozen, you can take a break 😉 I’m currently on my second baby shrug, with yarn lined up for two more.

  7. There are certain stitches and types of yarn that really hurt my hands after a while, and I can no longer use 14″ straight needles because I apparently rest the left one on my pinky joint (left hand), which then begins to hurt. For me it is the yarns that don’t stretch (cotton, for example) that cause the hand pain.

    But I try to do some hand stretches every hour or so, and I find they help. Just putting your hands on a wall, splaying your fingers, and putting a bit of pressure on them is a good stretch. I’ve found hand stretches by searching for them online. I also do some back stretches at the same time, just for good measure.

  8. The sweaters coordinate well with your quilt! Hope the hand is better.
    It will be wonderful to have your family so close. I’ve been down because mine are leaving the nest, but I’m sure it’s not forever.

  9. It may not be a baker’s dozen, but still quite an accomplishment!

    Seems your kids should be here very soon, if not by now. I’ve been a little lax in my blog reading….I think BG is catching up with me!

    Enjoy….whenever they get here, as I know you will!

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