Getting Ready

This has been a very busy week, but some of it has actually been really fun busy.  You see, we are getting ready for two little girls to descend upon our household!  The fun part is knowing that visits such as this are going to be a permanent and I hope frequent part of our lives rather than just once in a great while.  We've made seating arrangements:


And cleaned out the hall closet to make it into a toy closet.

We've bought a storage bag for bath toys:


And have started looking at all kinds of things that need to be baby proofed:


Hubby has been busy contacting realtors to try and find a short term rental while they look for a house to buy, but that has been a challenge.  Most people around here want one year leases. 

In between all of this activity, there have been a few quiet moments for knitting.  I had started a couple of top-down sweaters for the girls, intending those to be their Christmas sweaters.  But they are DK weight and just a little too lightweight for winter around here.


 So I've been working to try and complete them before they arrive.  They'll be perfect for cool summer evenings in the Pacific Northwest.  I have a feeling all four of them are going to be a little chilly until they acclimate!

It was a busy week at work as well.  On Wednesday we had our first day of general anesthesia.  I had really obsessed about this day with a new dentist and a new anesthesiologist as well.  All of the logistics leading up to it were a veritable nightmare and I was very stressed.  But when the day came, it went off without a hitch.  I even got an "attagirl" from the anesthesioloigist and his nurse for going above and beyond the call of duty in arranging everything.  Sadly, a lead I had on a possible replacement for me fell through.  There is still time and I'm praying that God will send someone walking through the front door, but if not we'll need to start advertising no later than September or October.  I keep telling myself that my replacement is not my problem, but when you've "owned" something for 24 years, you really want it to pass into good hands.  I really don't think I'll have trouble letting go, although hubby laughs out loud at that thought. 

We've had more blessedly cool weather and even a little rain this week.  Today is cool and overcast.  Hubby is off to a local car show and Maggie and I may walk down to see him later.  In the meantime, I'm off to do more baby proofing and clean my bathroom.  Exciting, eh??

5 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. Have fun. Little ones really remind you to look at life in a simpler way.

    I baby and toddler proof my home each Tuesday morning in preparation for our weekly visit from the grandchildren. Much of my dangerous, crafty stuff can just be put behind closed and locked doors. Having them little ones live with you for a while will be a little more difficult to prepare for.

  2. LOL!! So much to look forward to! Truly….retirement, close grandbabes, get ready….oil up those roller skates! 🙂 It’s a joyful time ahead. Oh…and my hubby laughed too, but I certainly had to problem letting go! You CAN do it!!

  3. Exciting times! I have a one week condo rental in Sept and one in Nov or we could have helped you out with something short term. Might be too far though.

    Just finished my first top down seater. Can’t post about it since it’s a gift.

  4. Babyproofing. Ha! There is no such thing. No matter how we scour the house before the kids arrive, somebody always finds something to get in to. Good luck with trying to get a replacement at work, though I doubt anyone can truly replace you. I suspect you are the type who gives 200% at work, and that’s hard to find.

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