The Year of UFO’s

Yesterday I spent a lovely day with friends at the Cottage Hobby House in Anacortes.  It's a lovely little cottage that has been set up for sewers and other crafters.  Lots of space, wonderful light, ironing boards and irons, cutting tables and rulers, plus a little kitchenette.  Just within walking distance (or a short drive) of two fabric stores and a yarn shop.  We spent almost 12 hours laughing, eating, sewing, eating, visiting, eating – well, you get the picture:


During the day, one of my friends admitted to an embarassing number of UFO's (Unfinished Objects).  At first I felt a little self-righteous because I don't have anywhere near that number.  But then I realized that given the number I DO have, I have no reason to feel superior. So, I am declaring this year the year of UFO's.  I am going to commit to working on and finishing a number of them.  No real goals as to specifics, but a determination to visit some things that have been hibernating way too long.  Most of these are quilts, and many of them are quilt tops that just need to be quilted.  I've always been a hand quilter, but I'm taking a machine quilting class in February in hopes that I can at least tolerate it and get some of these tops done.

First up (simply because it was on top of the stack) – the Snowman Quilt:


I just have a few more small filler blocks to embroider and then it will be ready to piece.  Since most of the blocks are pre-quilted, this will be easy to machine quilt with just straight lines.

Never fear, though, that knitting will take a back seat.  Evenings are still my knitting times and I've gotten quite a bit accomplished.  I finished the second clue on the Enchanted Wood shawl:


I'm not entirely sure if I'm in love with the gradience – it looks a little sharper to me in person.  But I love the way the beads are coming out – they look like dew drops on the trees:


And I'm up to the plain knitting portion of Nagano:


Last Saturday we spent a Girls' Day Out with Abby.  We poked around the antique shops in Snohomish, visited Uajimaya – a big Asian supermarket.  I think Abby was in heaven and piled her cart high with things that she can't get at American supermarkets.  Some of it looked pretty tasty, but I think I'll pass on the dried squid (sorry, Abby, but that's just more for you!).  To cap off the day we took her to the Crab Pot in Bellevue.  The dinner she and I chose consists of crab legs, mussels, oysters, clams, fish, potatoes and corn on the cob in a big pot that they dump on your table.  Yummm!!


Believe me, there wasn't much left when we were done.

3 thoughts on “The Year of UFO’s

  1. Perhaps watching you finish your UFOs will inspire me to at least finish my Calvin Klein cardigan, which I think I started nearly 10 years ago.

    Nice progress on Nagano!

  2. The Hobby House is a wonderful idea, and the prices look reasonable.
    I haven’t heard of any place like that around here.
    Your dinner sounds mouth-watering, kind of like an indoor clambake!

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