Back to Work

No, don't panic – it's not permanent!  Shortly before I retired, my replacement found out that her mother in England has cancer.  Since her replacement was pretty inexperienced, it would be hard for her to get away to visit her.  So, I told her that I would come back and sub for her so she could go for a visit.  She'll be gone for two weeks, but I may not have to work every day.  The schedule is pretty dead (hmmm?) so we'll just take each day as it comes.  But I'm hoping to make at least a bit of money for fiber enhancement!  That will be the consolation prize because I'm not really looking forward to it.  Here's hoping it will pass quickly.  It's going to be interesting because I was told they are having computer problems and the computer guy is taking an extended vacation.  If they do run into problems, I'm going to just tell them I'm taking off and to call me when they have it fixed!

Spoiler alert for Enchanted Wood;

I finished clue #4:


The gradience is quite interesting.  I'm not sure I would do it again, although I will have enough left over for a small project.  There's more striping in the transition from blue to pink than I like, but overall, I'm happy.  The beads really add a lot and I'm sure more beading will be in my future.

I got the yarn for my next KAL – the Lord of the Rings "Evenstar" shawl.  I got Eos from Unique Sheep in the Moonstone colorway.  The dyer contacted me and asked if I wanted the color "pushed" toward purple to match the cloak that Arwen wears in the movie.  I told her yes, as long as the yarn is not lavender:


I was little disappointed when I opened the package, because it sure looks lavender to me, although nowhere near as lavender as it looks in the picture.  But the more I look at it, the more I like it.  You can't see in the picture, but it has lovely silvery heathering throughout.  I think it's going to be beautiful and I love knitting with a 50/50 silk/wool mix.

Nagano is coming along, but I need some advice.  I am ready to start the top pattern.  I'm using the yarn from the Lusekofte kit I bought and was hoping to just use the colors that came with it.  However, I'm not too sure about how it's going to look:


I had planned on having the yarn on the left as the lower border with the aqua as accent.  But I'm not sure there's enough contrast.  I don't want to use the aqua as the border because there's too much contrast.  What I'd really like to use is a light/medium grey, but Telemark doesn't come in that color.  If I went that route, would there be a substitute?  Or should I go with my original plans?  All advice is welcome.

This past week has been a new beginning for me.  I was debating about posting it, because I was afraid if I failed, I would have to admit it!  But I have started on the Prism program.  It's billed as a weight loss program, but that's not the primary reason I have started, although I could certainly benefit from shedding a few pounds.  I just need to learn how to eat healthier.  I know I have a horrible sugar habit and it just seems so much easier to reach for cookies and crackers rather than healthy food.  This program emphasizes whole foods as close to nature as possible.  The first part is a little restrictive in order to break your dependence on some "habit" foods, but eases up as you learn to eat better.  The first few days without sugar I had a terrible headache.  But I'm feeling a lot better and I really hope I can learn to keep sugar out of my diet. 

10 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. Did you try swatching the colors and squinting at the swatch? Or, take a pic and translate to grey-scale to see if there is any contrast?

  2. I love the shawl, and I’m looking forward to watching your progress on Nagano. It’s an awesome sweater.

    Last year, I cut back on sugar and snacks, and it was really difficult at first, and at times, still, but I lost weight at feel so much better.

  3. Boy….I wish I could give you advice on your sweater/border color question, but I assure you, you don’t want my assistance in that area.

    Love the shawl, and I like the color change…very nice.

    Good luck on the healthy eating challenge. I must say that we did a total turn around when my husband had his heart attack (3 years ago now!!). It’s not easy, especially so if you didn’t really HAVE to make the change. Is your hubby on board too? That will help dramatically. I am still a little “round”, but I know I do eat healthy, and you don’t have to be a twig to be healthy….at least I tell myself that quite often.

  4. Good luck on going back to work for a little while. It’s so nice of you to help out. The shawl is beautiful. Hope they release the pattern to the public eventually. They did with the first one. I have a terrible sugar habit, too. If I had to give up sugar and coffee, I’d have a migraine forever.

  5. I saw your query on Ravelry, and the answers. I think a gray would be a good choice. If the Telemark color isn’t good, try Heilo. It seems to come in a very large array of colors.

    I’ve given up cookies and the like (except for special occasions), and I find that I don’t miss them. I usually have lots of fresh fruit around, and something like an orange will be very satisfying. It certainly has sugar, but not as much as a baked item. I do have one square of Lindt chocolate every night, but that adds relatively few calories to my diet and it is enough to keep me from craving chocolate–which I’m sure I would.

  6. Someone once told me that’s why another name for pay is compensation. You don’t have to love being there, you are being compensated. Got me through some long hours a long time ago. Fiber money sounds even better.

  7. I know you are too nice to gloat, but I’ll do it for you…They came crawling back to you when they needed help!
    I agree with Marjorie’s advice about checking out gray Heilo. But I think the purplish kit yarn would work nicely too. How’s that for indecisive.
    Good luck with the healthy diet program. I really need to get back in that mode.

  8. I do not think you need to loose any weight at all. You look lovely just the way you are. 🙂 And the girls certainly don’t care. 😀

  9. Don’t let Kari find out about the Evenstar shawl – or I’m in trouble! The yarn looks beautiful. I enrolled for six more credits this semester in an effort to be able to be licensed in Idaho as well as Wash. Both classes are huge amounts of work – it’s the busiest semester I think I’ve ever had. What I really want to do is work on projects for the seven babies that friends and family are having between April and June. I’m only going to do one blanket – the rest will be little sweater/hat combinations. Enjoy your spring – I have no idea when we will be able to get back up to OH.

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