Monkey Business

So . . . I sat down this week to work on the Nutkin socks I am making for my friend.  Since I hadn't worked on them in a few weeks, I had occasion to refer back to the pattern.  Imagine my surprise when I realized I am not making Nutkins, but Monkeys.  Must have been a senior moment.  I have updated my Ravelry page accordingly.  One Monkey down, dog's nose added for scale:


And add another FO to the project page:


This is the Enchanted Wood shawl from the mystery KAL.  Yarn is Green Sheep Fingering in the Michigan Morning colorway, size 4 needles.  This was a fun KAL.  I have to admit to a little frustration having to wait for the clues, but the finished product is worth it.  I have found that I love adding beads to my knitting and will certainly look for more opportunities.  (I noticed that I labeled this picture Evenstar – wow, I really am having some senior moments).  I started Evenstar this morning, but I'm afraid progress pics will be few and far between.  It's a circular shawl and it's almost impossible to get good pictures.

In another show of knitterly fickleness, I have also changed my mind on Nagano.  Michele posted pictures of her Whistler sweater and I fell in love with a passion that is unseemly for a knitted garment!  I had looked at this year's Whistler sweater and was not impressed.  I love this one so much and was able to snag the last copy at our local yarn shop.  Here's my progress so far – cast on and worked on during the opening ceremonies:


The grey you see there is Knit Pick's Squirrel Heather and I do like the contrast.  This will end up in the shoulder area.  Of course, after I cast on, I looked at the pattern a little more closely and imagine my dismay to realize that some rows require carrying three colors.  I have sent Michele a message asking if she will hold my hand through this.  She lives close by, so maybe we can even meet up for some knitting therapy.  Never fear that thoughts of Nagano have been abandoned entirely.  I got to thinking that two little girls would probably love dragon sweaters for Christmas.

Speaking of little girls – this exchange was heard between Isobel and her mom lately:

Isobel:  What are you doing?

Mom:  Taking care of the trash.

Isobel:  Why are you taking care of the trash?

Mom:  Because it's full.

Isobel:  Why is it full?

Mom:  Because we put things in it.

Isobel:  Why do we put things in it?

Mom:  Why do you ask so many questions?

Isobel:  I don't know.  Because there are so many.

Ah – the world through a child's eyes.  This weekend hubby, in the spirit of Valentine's Day is embarking on a home improvement project.  We have decided to rip out all the carpet in our house (except for the bedrooms) and put down laminate wood flooring.  He did this in Allen's apartment and it came out so nicely, we made the leap.  Too late to turn back now:


As usual, Maggie feels she must help.  What am I giving him for Valentine's Day you might ask?  My cold.  Who says romance is dead.

Oh, and you also might ask how work is coming along.  Don't ask.  Just let it suffice to say that three days next week and it is over.  There is absolutely nothing they could use to entice me back!

6 thoughts on “Monkey Business

  1. See, now you know why I don’t document my stuff….

    I’m sure the girls will love the dragons. Small sweaters are fun to make, they knit up so quick.

  2. LOL….Do I detect a story about the work situation?? Better fess up….. (I won’t tell)

    I like the socks, no matter what they are called. And the “why’s” are so precious!

  3. The shawl is a beautiful breath of spring.
    The Whistler pattern is a stunner and should be a fun knit despite the 3 color rows.
    Good luck with the flooring project!

  4. I love Isobel’s answer, too. John tells a story about when his daughter was about 3 or 4 and dawdling terribly while they were trying to get the family on the road to somewhere. After about the hundredth time that he told her to hurry, she said, “but Dad, how will I ever learn anything if I’m hurrying all the time?” We ought to pay more attention to things that come out of their mouths.

    I wasn’t too sure about that gradience color when you started, but now that you’re farther along, it works beautifully.

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