Spinning Wheel Got to Go Round

As promised last week I have pictures of yarn to put up this week.  Those of you not interested in spinning might want to skip to the end of the post for other news, but I did want to show my progress.  Although I have posted a picture of my first skein, here is a recap for reference.  This is Icelandic wool from a sheep right here on Whidbey Island:


Not bad for a first effort, but plenty of room for improvement.  From there I went on to some Mystery Wool that was a retirement gift from my friend Christall (speaking of whom, we really need to get together and spin!):


Still not great, but getting better.  Next up was some Blue Faced Leicester (do they really have blue faces?) that my friend Lorette, the Knitting Doctor had sent me even before I had my wheel.  She was thrilled to enable another fiber addict:


This was the first skein that I didn't really struggle with.  Still a lot of thick and thin places, but eventually may find its way into a project.  The next skein was some Romney from a sheep named Rainbow (don't you love fiber from a source that has a name?), owned by my friend Lois here on the island:


This skein may get framed.  Although far from perfect, I felt the real joy of spinning with this one.  No struggle – the fiber just flowed through my fingers.  It felt a little rough as roving, but when washed bloomed into a very soft, lovely yarn.  This was my epiphany that I might actually make it as a spinner.  The pink Corriedale was ordered with a gift certificate from my kids for my retirement:


With this skein I learned that at least until I'm more experienced, I should spin a fiber from start to end and not try multiple projects for now.  This was interspersed between other projects and the end is so much better than the beginning!  So although it doesn't show in the photo, it's quite uneven.  Last up – Punta from Corgi Hill Farms that I bought way before I had my wheel:


I had been saving this fiber until I felt good enough to not ruin it!  I am quite pleased with this and I think will actually start looking around for a project.  I figure I should dive in and actually make something with the yarn I'm producing and this might actually be worthy.  The interesting thing about this skein is that although it is not as fine as some of my previous efforts, it is more consistent.  On some of skeins I had trouble figuring out the wpi's.  In some places lace, in others worsted!

From now on I'll try to post my spinning as it comes rather than inundate you with it all at one time.  Of course, with the Olympics lots of knitting has been accomplished as well.  Whistler is up to the body pattern:


As usual, Maggie feels that she needs to get in on the action.  Just a few more rows and I'll be into the three color rows again, which I am not looking forward to!  But bless Ravelry, on the Stranded group I got some good ideas and am anxious to see if they help. 

I finished the Monkey socks and they have been gifted to my friend Caroline to great appreciation:


These are the first hand knit socks she's ever had.  She was amazed at how well they fit and how comfortable they were.  Yarn is Lorna's Laces, size 0 needles.  Next up are socks for Kim.  I checked out Socks From the Toe Up from the library.  I'm going to try one of the patterns.  In looking at the book, I think it's one that I may want to add to my library.

I mentioned previously that I was considering making Nagano sweaters for the girls for Christmas.  However, when I looked at the pattern, the sizes start with child's sizes, not toddler (guess you've got to have a lot of room on the chest for dragons!).  Since Dale sweaters run huge, there is no way they would be able to wear them for years.  However, I trolled through my Dale books and found the perfect choices for them.  Yarn has been ordered and I'm anxious to start.  Want a little hint?  Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home!

10 thoughts on “Spinning Wheel Got to Go Round

  1. Really cool to see the spinning progression. You are going to be ready for silk and merino next week!

    Maggie is as usual very cute. Taffy is the same way as Maggie, when I’m taking photos she just has to get her pointy nose right in there *g*

  2. You are really getting the hang of spinning!
    I made the ladybug sweater years ago for a cousin’s baby. Dale makes the most adorable sweaters. But yes, they run huge, which you have to take into account when choosing which size to knit.

  3. ALL of those yarns are very usable. You’ll be surprised how any irregularities are hidden in the knitting. My first handspun was so much thinner that I had to use it doubled to match the gauge of the first part. The hat I made still turned out terrific. So don’t give up on those very first effort skeins. They are usable too.

  4. Wonderful progress! Isn’t it amazing how it’s all starting to “click” and you really can do all those various things at the same time! LOL. And, yes, you MUST knit with it. It’s just as much fun knitting with handspun as it is spinning it. Truly – although I can’t quite explain why.

    Love the socks, btw. Always one of my favorite patterns. Whistler is going to be gorgeous….as is Maggie already!

  5. I wondered that,too. I guess they can have faces that appear bluish if their colouring is just so. It’s their skin that’s bluish. No picture I’ve seen looks blue.

  6. What fun to see all your beautiful handspun – I agree with everyone above me here… start knitting – handspun is so wonderfully forgiving!

  7. Your spinning is looking great! I just finished plying the Rainbow Romney and need to wash it. I was thinking of dyeing it, but now that it’s done, I really love the cream color.
    You really need to make something with your yarn. I thought the stuff I’ve been spinning looked really uneven and goofy, but once it’s knit up, it looks OK. Mittens and hats are good for those smallish skeins.

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