Swan Song

It's finally over!  Since before I retired I knew I had these past two weeks hanging over my head.  I promised my co-worker I would work for her and was silently hoping they would not want me to come back!  But now it's done and final.  In some respects, going back was a good thing for two reasons:  1.  It reinforced how right my decision to retire was.  2.  It removed all feelings of guilt I might feel if they experience a crisis (as in the entire staff quitting) and want me to come back.  In all honesty, seeing how they are treating their employees gives me no reason whatsoever to feel any sense of obligation.  So, 'nuff said and on to happier things.

Perhaps it's the relief at being done, or the signs of an early spring, or the results of my healthier eating, but today was such a pleasant day!  Maggie and I got out for a long walk, I went to yoga and spent time knitting.  I finished up Clue #1 on Evenstar:


Attention for non-knitters – knitterly geekiness ahead; you might want to skip over.  This was my third attempt at this.  The first one didn't look too bad, but in reading the Ravelry board, it was brought to my attention that on the k7 out of 3, there were several ways of doing it.  My understanding was that the pattern said to do k1, p1 for 7 stitches.  But then some on the board said, no, it was k1, k1 through back loop for 7 stitches.  Well, I did it the first way first and it didn't look too bad.  But then I ripped because I thought it was wrong and might look better the other way.  But the k1, k1b was really ugly – as smooshed up.  In more discussion, the suggestion was made to do k1, yo for 7 stitches.  I tried that third and liked the resulting stars much better.  I also deviated from the pattern as suggested on the board by closing up the side petals with a k4 tog on the right side, but a ssssk on the left side.  Much more symmetrical.  I know all you non-knitters are yawning right now and saying, "HUH??"  This isn't the best picture in the world, but may be the best for quite some time.  It will be too bunched up on the needle to take any more quality pictures.

As I mentioned, we seem to be experiencing an early spring.  Although it's still getting a little frosty at night, the days have been in the 60's.  The trees are blooming and the crocuses (croci?) and daffodils are starting to bloom.  Spring here is usually pretty reliable and we don't often get slammed with late snowstorms or freezes once it starts.  The dark is receding too and that makes me happy.

I mentioned hubby's project last week and I'm happy to report it is all done.  Here are the before and after pictures:





Doesn't it look great?  He did a wonderful job.  It was a little challenging.  This is an owner built home (not by us!) and we've found over the years that not everything is level and square.  I had my doubts about the floors – I was afraid it would look cold, but the wood actually makes everything look warmer.  Maggie is not as entranced.  She's having to get used to new footing and can't run quite as fast.  That's probably a good thing because a few weeks ago she hurt her back by running so fast down the hall that she slammed into the closet door.

I hope to get back to more spinning this week.  In addition to having to work, I was also hampered by an injury.  I got a little too aggressive chopping onions and took off a chunk of my finger.  I chopped off the fingernail on my left finger about halfway down.  And yes, it was painful and icky as it sounds.  Surprisingly, it hasn't hurt to knit, but the bandage got in the way of spinning.  I promise – pictures next week!

9 thoughts on “Swan Song

  1. The shawl looks just beautiful, Dorothy. Aren’t those Rav boards just a lifesaver? Glad your work is done, done, done. I found out this week I go back March 18. I’m really ready. They are going to put me in charge of jewelry for the store. Boy, is that putting the fox in charge of the hen house! And I am so sorry to hear of your injury. I hope you heal quickly. Thank goodness, you can still knit. We are beginning our snowy, wet season here. We need the moisture! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. The floors look great! We have all hardwood/pergo/tile floors and the girls do just fine. They can’t jump up on anything unless there is a rug to spring from so we have a few throw rugs for them. They fetch just fine and have learned to skid well *g*

    I hope your finger heals quickly! It sounds quite painful, ewwww….

    60 degree days *LOLOL* We’re just starting to hit the 30’s and I expect sugar season to start pdq here, can’t wait to go to open house and get my sugar on snow for the year!

  3. How awful about your finger. Hope the healing is quick; a crafter’s fingers should be insured for such accidents!
    The floor looks so nice, and I’m sure Maggie will get used to it soon.

  4. The floors look great! My brother-in-law did the same thing at his house a couple of years ago, so I know what a huge project it was. Maggie will adjust. 8)
    Glad you’ve finally escaped into real retirement!

  5. We just did our kitchen. Although it’s laminate it gives the warmth of wood and the kind we put in is durable enough for the kitchen. I really like how your doorway now looks consistent with the rest of the room.

  6. Your floors look great. Hugs to DH. 🙂

    I love Estonian Lace. I do the K7 out of 3 the same way you did (K1, YO…)

    Yeah, really feeling like Spring… makes me want to look up that shawl you’re making! 🙂

  7. I just noticed this shawl as it made it up the “popular patterns” ladder on Ravlery. I love the way the clues look so far, but I’ll be waiting until the full pattern comes out. I’m not much of an “along-er”. My only foray into that world ended in a frogged project because I did not love the end result.

  8. I am woefully behind in blog reading, so I am late with congratulations on your retirement. Enjoy all your new endeavors, especially the ones you never had time for. 🙂

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