I've finished my first project with my very own handspun!  Better yet, I've finished two.  First up – Pretty Thing cowl by the Yarn Harlot:


This uses the silk/merino that I spun.  This was definitely the most consistent yarn I've made to date.  It came out to a heavy fingering and I am so pleased with the finished result.  And I may even have enough for another one.  Also finished was the diagonal scarf:


This skein was not quite as consistent.  This was the last fiber I spun before I got my Woolee Winder.  Despite its inconsistency, I was amazed at how lovely it was to knit with.  Most of the lumps and bumps seem to just meld into the knitted fabric.  I think I can say I'm now addicted to knitting with my handspun.  Spinning continues on the new silk/merino that I started:


I had originally considered doing the Featherweight sweater with this, but I think it may be just a little too heavy.  If I ply it into a 2-ply fingering weight I'm pretty limited, but a 3-ply dk/sport weight gives me more options so I am planning on that at this stage.  This may take a while, though, because I'm not the speediest spinner in the world.  However, I am being monogamous at this point in the game to try and keep the consistency.  One of the patterns I'm considering is the Beech Leaf Vest by Fiddlesticks.

I have four repeats of the newest clue in Evenstar finished:


I'm not quite sure about the lines of twisted rib in the middle of a shawl.  It should be interesting to see how they are finished out.  I think I can say that this will probably be my last mystery KAL for a couple of reasons.  First of all, I find that I am not  a community knitter.  I don't really feel compelled to join in on the social aspect of it.  It might be fun to knit a project with a few close friends, but I don't particularly feel called upon to be an active part of the group.  The second thing is the errata.  Now, I know that it's probably realistic to expect errors in knitting patterns.  No one is perfect.  However, I did think that in a mystery project they would have been worked out.  In a "real" pattern you at least have the safety net of a picture, so you have a fair idea of what it's supposed to look like.  In a mystery project you are essentially flying blind.  If there's a mistake in the pattern you don't know it until it's too late.  Thankfully I've avoided having to do any major frogging, but others in the group have not been so lucky.  And unfortunately, they are the new lace knitters.  When they expressed their frustration to the group they were slammed as somehow being disloyal to the group and especially the designer.  While I have sympathy for the designer and feel that overall she has done a fine job, I think the group has been a little unfair to those expressing frustration.  All in all, too much drama for a knitting project for me!

The biggest drama I've had in my own knitting is multiple froggings on Nutkin!  I got down to the heel and decided I wanted to mirror the design, so I ripped.  Once again I got down to the heel and realized I was in a state of denial.  No way were these going to fit the intended recipient.  So I frogged again and this time did a simple basketweave stitch:


Much better!  As soon as I finish this clue on Evenstar I'll get cracking on the socks so I can gift them mid-April.  On the agenda this week is a trip to the dentist.  No, not working!  Gossip from the office has me SO thankful that I'm retired and determined never, ever to go back.  This time I will be returning (to a different office) as a patient.  I have a tooth that is really throbbing.  Realistically I can probably expect a root canal and crown in my future.  Hmm – will I need to take out a second mortgage??  I was definitely spoiled by 24 years of mostly free dental care.  Thankfully I got a good deal on plane tickets to go back home to Missouri to see the parents.  Best of all, they're coming back with me and my sister for a visit.  They've never met Mei-Mei and I'm so excited that the girls will be able to see their great-grandparents.

10 thoughts on “Pretty!

  1. Oh dear, your Pretty Thing is just gorgeous. You are not only a good spinner, but a great knitter!

    I’ve pretty much given up on the drama over on the Evenstar forum. I haven’t quite figured out how Ravelry can descend into mean-spirited behavior in the matter of a few hours. I don’t think I’ll do a mystery shawl again, either. There are so many finished, tested patterns around that I’d love to do.

  2. Your Pretty Thing is sooooo pretty. Congrats on mastering the spinning. I am so impressed.

    I’ve been eyeing that Beach Leaf Vest for several months now. Just have to tell you that so when I finally buy the pattern you won’t think I’m copying you.:-) It’s a beautiful pattern and I’ll be watching yours with great interest if that’s the pattern you choose.

    Nice colors in the basketweave sock. That type of stitch pattern brings out the best in most multi-colored sock yarns. And much less worry about the fit.

    Sympathy on the tooth. And the cost to repair the tooth.

  3. Pretty – Indeed! A bit of an understatement actually! The Beech Leaf Vest is a gorgeous pattern – would be a great choice. How wonderful you are spinning…you should be very proud!

  4. Isn’t it pure joy to knit with yarn you’ve spun yourself?
    Your cowl is just wonderful! I’ve been eyeing that pattern, but need to finish a few other WIPs before I cast on *another* thing…

  5. The pretty cowl was a perfect choice for your handspun.
    Thanks goodness for dental insurance. I never knew until recently that my dad never had it when we were growing up (4 kids, 2 with braces) and can’t imagine how my parents swung the bills.

  6. Haha – I frogged Nutkin several times before quitting too – mine were all twisty.
    I love looking at your finished handspun projects – Pretty Thing is SOOOO pretty. Your gorgeous silk merino will be perfect for the vest – great choice!

  7. That’s so cool that you spin your own yarn, then knit the Pretty Thing cowl – it lives up to it’s name! 🙂

    I don’t enjoy being the one who finds the errors in patterns either. Especially on mystery KALs. I’m visual, so picture are a ‘must have.’

    Happy Easter! 🙂

  8. That is a very pretty vest, and it looks like an enjoyable knit.

    I think I’d feel as you do about the mystery shawl solely on the grounds that there is no picture. If I don’t have a goal, I be “aimless”.

    And, your hand-spun, hand-knit cowl is a beauty.

    Hope the dental work goes ok. I was fearing the worst about my root canal, and aside from the dent in my pocketbook, it was uncomfortable only for a short while. (And now I have a very cool gold tooth.)

  9. That first finished (handspun) object “Pretty thing” is very pretty indeed. Great job! I have had that on my queue for a while. Should probably look at doing it.

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