Human Again

After what has felt like a lost week, I am finally starting to feel human again.  It started last weekend with a tooth that has been sensitive to cold for quite a while.  It finally got tired of being ignored and got very, very angry.  My dentist called in an antibiotic and pain med until he could see me on Tuesday.  That meant several days either doped into zombie status or experiencing excruciating pain.  So I mostly stayed zombie.  On Tuesday he took x-rays and said I needed a referral to an endodontist.  Around here that often means a wait of several weeks, but I was very lucky and got an appointment on Thursday.  That meant several more days of living in a fog.  By Wednesday the Vicodin was not working so well, and I was dopey and in pain!  The root canal on Thursday was actually a piece of cake and I'm feeling a lot better.  There is still some residual pain, but it's easily knocked down by Ibuprofen and the doc said it should feel a little better every day. What's not feeling better is my savings account.  Paying for the whole fiasco was a shocker!!

I didn't want to knit anything that required even a modicum of thought, so my fall back (when I wasn't sleeping) was spinning.  I discovered that I spin pretty much the same high as I do sober.  Good to know.  I've finished about 3/4 of the merino/silk for my vest.  Since I seemed to be pretty consistent, I went ahead and plied when I had three bobbins full:


As soon as they're dry, I'll wind them into balls and do a gauge swatch.  I'm hoping I can get a good gauge to do the Beech Leaf Vest and have ordered the pattern.

Other than that, there really isn't much to tell.  When you've spent the entire week either in the dental chair or sleeping, it makes for pretty dull blogging. I did manage to finish two dresses for the girls that I had started before my dental crisis.  A friend pointed me to this site of patterns for children.  Isn't that just perfect?  I emailed her a picture of my Izzy and Ivy and she kindly wrote back and said she was sending me some patterns if I would take pictures and allow her to use them on her site.  Abby consented and so I received two adorable little patterns.  These are the dresses:



And back:


But here's the best part – look at the label!


Now the girls have their names in their dresses.  Of course, Izzy may not be so thrilled.  For months she was "Diego" and now she's "Indy" (Indiana Jones).  Not sure when Izzy or Isobel will make an appearance again.

Happy Easter to everyone.  Enjoy a wonderful day celebrating the resurrection of Christ!  He is risen!  He is risen indeed!

7 thoughts on “Human Again

  1. So glad your dental ordeal is over.
    That is perfect that a design company is named after your granddaughters! ;-D What adorable patterns.

  2. I’ve never had dental pain, but I have heard that it is HORRIBLE. So…good that your ordeal is over! Nice to know spinning high works too! LOL!

    Lovely yarn, btw. Anxious to see your end result. You are doing fantastic.

    Cute patterns – makes me hope that BG2 is a girl! (Not even on the way yet, but being discussed for this fall!!!). I don’t think my BG would look good in ruffles….but I’m sure your girls do!

  3. Sympathy! It’s always good to start feeling human again. Glad they were able to get you in quick to start the drain on your bank account.

    The little dress is adoreable. We will get to see modeled pictures? Right? Looking forward to that.

  4. I’m sorry you had the dental pain – hopefully you will soon (very soon) be on the road to recovery and back to normal. Hope you had a wonderful Easter. That little girl’s dress really IS adoarable.

  5. Your grand daughters are so cute! Love those dresses and the personalized labels! I would be thrilled! 🙂

    It’s so awful that you have to get angry in order to get your tooth fixed… *sigh* I’m a wimp when it comes to pain.

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