Guided Tour

Woo Hoo!  The sewing room project is officially done.  It is so nice to have things clean and organized and all of my sewing "junk" back in its proper place.  For your viewing enjoyment, I offer a guided tour.  But first, a "before" picture:

And now, after:


Work table – hubby built this work table for me years ago and it is wonderful!  It's at a nice height for standing and there's a stool if I want to sit down.  All of my fabric cutting is done here.  Although I use a MacBook for my every day computing, I use hubby's old PC for my embroidery and sewing programs that only run on a PC.  I could use Boot Camp, but this is handier.  I have my good photo printer to the left and to the right are my quilting rulers, right at hand when I need them.  Above the table is a print by one of my favorite artists, Charles Wysocki.  We have several of his signed and numbered prints.  Although the table is constructed so that it can fold down, we've never had it folded down!  And I use underneath for yarn storage bins.


Bookcase – I did some weeding out of books, so the bookcase is not as crowded as it used to be (believe it or not!).  They are roughly sorted by knitting/quilting/other, but probably more weeding out and organizing needs to be done.  I'd like to get the knitting books organized on Ravelry.  The corner unit holds my "entertainment center" consisting of the TV/Tivo/DVD player.  I often have recorded CSI and Law and Order programs going on in the background while I work.  To the right is a hook holding my large quilting hoops and more yarn storage bins.  To the left is my cart of embroidery threads.


Sewing Center – I have an old and yes, a little ugly sewing cabinet, but it was free and is really a great piece of furniture if you get beyond the looks.  For one, it's terribly sturdy – no wobbling or shaking, even when I put the pedal to the metal while sewing.  It's got storage drawers on the left, which really need to be sorted out.  It also can pull out from the wall and has a table that folds out, giving me a very large surface for machine quilting or when I just need more room.  My serger is on the floor to the right and can easily be put on the fold out when needed.


Ironing Center/Doggie Relaxation Center – My iron and ironing board are handy, just a few steps away from the sewing machine.  I could lower the board so I could just roll over from the machine, but I find the getting up and down actually is better for my body.  Whenever I'm in my room, Maggie is usually there with me.  Since there is no longer carpet, I thought a doggie bed would be comfortable for her.  She hasn't yet claimed it as her own, but I'm sure she will once I start working in there.  On the wall above the ironing board is a wonderful quilt – Quilter's Heaven – made by a dear quilting friend.  I had always admired the quilt and was constantly talking about it.  One day she offered to sell it to me.  I was envisioning hundreds of dollars, but all she asked for was a pittance.  I gave her twice what she offered and said if that bothered her she could donate it somewhere, which I think she did.  I love this quilt and especially the connection to my friend, who will be moving to Florida this year.


Fabric Stash Closet – here you see my fabric stash.  The wire bins come in handy for sorting by color.  I've also found that the clear plastic containers that our salad comes in are great for holding small pieces such as fat quarters.  The white cardboard boxes hold projects.  My goal this year is the get some of these done and the boxes emptied for new projects!  The hook on the left holds all my tote bags (you can never have too many tote bags).  On the floor is room for magazine storage and assorted sundries. At times my magazine collection has threatened to take over the house, and in all honesty I must admit that I have a whole shelf of them in our master bedroom closet.  But I have already cleaned out a ton and will continue to destash them through the year, tearing out articles and patterns, filing them in notebooks and recycling the rest.  My goal will be to have no more magazines than will fit on the floor of this closet!

So there you have my room.  I did notice that because of the flash, the color looks a little washed out.  It is really a nice, warm, sunshiney yellow.  It is such a refuge for me and I really love that I have the luxury of this space.  Technically, it's not finished because I still need to make curtains.  Believe it or not, in the 25 years we have lived in this house, that window has never had curtains!  I think it's about time.  The fabric you see on the sewing table should find itself on the window within the next week or so.


I don't know if you can see out the window, but there is a light dusting of snow.  We had pretty heavy snowfall this morning, but it was warm and didn't stick too much.  However, the weather pundits here have predicted a major snow "event" for later in the week.  We made a trip to the grocery store this morning to stock up on a few items, so we are well prepared.  A perfect excuse to hunker down in my beautiful new room.  Bring it on!!



9 thoughts on “Guided Tour

  1. I need to organize my stuff and fix up a room just to do all of the fun stuff you do. Your quilting, sewing and knitting are light years ahead of me. I love learning new techniques and love being busy. You and your husband are a beautiful couple and your family and grand girls are beautiful.

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