Home Stretch

We're approaching the home stretch on the sewing room project!  In fact, it should be finished today – then comes the hard work of sorting and moving everything back in.  We finished painting yesterday and this morning hubby finished the floor:


It's really hard to get a panaromic shot of the whole room.  I love the cheerful yellow walls!  In fact, as I was walking down the hall this morning I wondered if I had left a light on in the room.  I hadn't, but the walls were reflecting the rather weak light coming in through the window.  It's been so grey and dreary here the past few days and the sunshine yellow walls made me happy.  All that's left is for hubby to put down the molding and we'll be done!

I've found myself really at loose ends today.  Up until today, I've been busy on the project – cleaning out and painting.  Once he started on the floors, there really wasn't much I could do to help.  I can't clean the house because there's sewing room junk scattered through just about every room.  I finished the socks I was knitting and can't start new ones because my sock yarn is buried, to say nothing of my swift and ball winder.  I did find the yarn and pattern for the sleeves on Isobel's sweater, but I changed the colors on the chart and did not mark the chart.  So I need the body in order to match the colors.  I have no idea where it is right now!

Speaking of socks, the Sunshine (appropriate name, eh?) socks are finished:


I should name this "Still Life of Socks with Thread".  Still can't find the ball band so I can't credit the yarn yet.  I did run across it during the cleaning out, but who knows where I put it??  This is the first pair of six for my sister's "Sock Club" this year.  I'm rather proud of myself that I am so far ahead.  We'll see how long this lasts.

Less than an hour and I can start moving things back!  I can't wait to be able to sew and find things again.


7 thoughts on “Home Stretch

  1. Love the yellow. Seems like that project got done really fast. Wow.

    Nice socks. Are they for you? I have a similar pair in a similar color. Just seems right for a pattern named Sunshine.

  2. What a great pair of socks
    ! And your room is perfect…love the floor and the color too. I’ll bet you’ll even have fun with the organizing part!

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