I guess it's only fair that we finally get our share of the snow that's been sweeping the country.  While certainly mild by East Coast standards, this was pretty extreme for us and we have been staying home.  Overall, we got about 10 inches total.  Usually when we get snow, it melts quickly, but it is down near freezing, so this will probably stay with us for  few days.


Maggie absolutely loves the snow.  I tried to get a picture of the pure joy on her face as she races through the yard, but this is the best I could get:


This has been the perfect excuse (as if I needed one) to stay in and sew.  I'm really feeling the love for finishing projects and completed my Mexican Star quilt yesterday.


I actually did some free motion quilting in the plain squares and it didn't come out too badly at all.  I'm still not excited about showcasing it on plain fabric, but will probably continue to practice on any quilt that has areas of printed fabric.

Before the great snowfall, we did manage to get down to Snohomish to deliver the girls' quilts.  Mei-Mei was thrilled with hers and kept telling me "Thank you for my quilt Nana!"  Isobel – well, not so much.  We laid out the quilts on their beds and she very politely informed me that she only liked one blanket on her bed.  Obviously the quilt was not the chosen one and she very gently folded it up and put it away!  Later I asked her if she was going to snuggle under her quilt and she said, "When I want to."  Obviously she has a mind of her own and will do things on her own schedule!  I did manage to get some pictures of the quilts on the beds, along with at least one delighted granddaughter.


As usual, I brought my knitting with me and at one point in the day was knitting with Isobel snuggled next to me.  I asked her if she would like to learn to knit.  She said, "No, I want to be a scientist."  I told her she could do both, that there were a lot of knitting scientists.  Her reply – "Knitting is for old grannies.  You're old, right?  But you can still walk."  A few minutes later a little neighbor boy who was visiting came up and watched me and asked what I was doing.  I explained and he said, "Why do you do that?"  I told him it was because I liked doing it.  His reply – "That's what old persons do."  Obviously it was my day to be humbled on all fronts!

On the way down, we encountered migrating snow geese.  These are such a magnificent sight every year, along with the trumpeter swans that stop by for a visit.


I can't remember if I mentioned that our knitting group is doing the Advent Scarf as a year long project.  The goal will be to do two patterns a month.  A couple of us who are experienced lace knitters are trying to stay a couple of patterns ahead so we can help out with any questions or problems.  So far I am up to pattern #6.


I've also been chugging along on In Dreams.  Man, there are a lot of beads on this thing.  It's already starting to get a little heavy. 


It's slow going and I have to be careful of dropping stitches.  I'm using Knit Picks Shimmer, an alpaca, silk blend.  If you drop a stitch it immediately makes a break for it and slithers down several rows.  With all the yarn overs and decreases, that can be a bear to try and pick back up.  I've already had to tink back a few rows.  I still stubbornly refuse to put in lifelines.  I think they take up as much time (or more) than tinking and would have to be put in fairly often to do any good – at least for me.

We're probably facing at least one more day at home and I'm really looking forward to spending it in my sewing room.  I'll be working on an American Hero quilt for wounded Iraq soldiers and possibly an in-the-hoop project on my embroidery module.  Good times!

12 thoughts on “Snowbound

  1. I really got a deep chuckle out of your Isobel and neighbor boy stories about knitting/being old.

    The quilts are so beautiful. Wow so is the lace advent scarf!

  2. Aren’t kids hilarious!!! Gotta love them! 😉

    I hope you are enjoying your advent scarf. I really enjoyed knitting mine. I hope she does it again next year. I’ll be lining up!

    We have had a very mild winter, so I kind of am just a teeny itty bit jealous of that gorgeous white snow. We’ve only had 3 snowfalls worthy of shoveling….very unusual for us. Sofee does not share Maggie’s enthusiasm though……

  3. You must feel like you’re back in RI!
    Your lace projects are amazing. I think I’d need multiple lifelines in both of them.
    The quilts look so pretty on their color-coordinated beds, and I’m sure Isobel ‘will want to’ snuggle under hers someday soon!

  4. Your quilts turned out beautifully. It is funny what kids will become attracted to. My mother bought my son some expensive stuffed toys, but he preferred the little bear that I got for $6 and 10 labels from Beechnut juice.

  5. So many pretty projects. The quilts are gorgeous and I’m super impressed with how tidy the girls keep their room.

    Ten inches is plenty of snow. It’s more than I want to have again this winter. So, guess I should be happy we’re only supposed to get four to six inches tonight.

  6. Wow! I love that Mexican Star quilt, and the Advent Scarf, okay, ALL your projects. 🙂

    It drives me nuts that kids think knitting is for old folks – knitting is cool! Cool people knit! C’mon! lol!

  7. Percy is a lovely pattern–it’s amazing that it’s free. And thanks so much for your compliments on my version!

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