Ladybug, Ladybug

At last!  The second ladybug sweater is finished:


I couldn't believe the amount of finishing on such a small sweater.  They were delivered to the girls on Saturday and I think they were a big hit. 


Mei-Mei's sweater fits with room to grow, but alas I think Isobel's sweater will only be good for one season.  While I'm certainly not sorry I tackled such an ambitious project, I think their sweaters for Christmas 2011 will be much simpler.  I'm eyeing the Tucknernut Cardigan from Interweave Knits Winter 2010.  I think after all that colorwork, I'm ready for some cable work.

In other FO news, I finished the Lullaby afghan:


Just in time!  Little Julianne arrived last week.

I finally started work on hubby's Cambridge Jacket.  He had so admired my son's that I wanted to make one for him.  However, I ordered the yarn from our LYS and it took over two months to come in.  I was just about to give up and order it online when it came in.  I'm using Cascade 220 for this as well, but in a pretty (or is that handsome?) heathered grey.  Pictures later.

I also received my copy of Cookie A.'s new book, Knit Sock Love.  Completely appropriate name, because what's not to love about this book!  Lots of luscious eye candy and most of the socks look reasonable to knit.  I joined the KSL Knitalong on Ravelry.  The goal is to knit every sock in the book and there are prizes to boot.  I joined in a little late and missed the deadline for the first one – Hedera.  So I will not be eligible for the grand prize.  We are allowed to substitute another Cookie A. sock up to four times in the KAL.  I only found one (the knee socks) that I will probably substitute.  First up are the ubiquitous Monkey socks:


I lost the ball band for the yarn, but I think it is Opal.  Cookie A. is coming to our area and I've signed up for a couple of classes with her.  One is on bias knitting and I forget what the other one is, but the price was reasonable, so I thought it would be fun to hang with her for the day and get a look into her design process.

And lace continues as well.  We're on the third clue for In Dreams and thank goodness the beading is a little less on this one.  I do so love the beads, but it slows me down considerably.


Spring is really starting to peek out here in the Pacific Northwest.  Early daffodils are blooming and the weather is warming up some.  Early Daylight Savings Time will also help – at least make us feel more like spring, anyway.  Lots of excitement coming up in the latter part of the week.  I'm going with my sister to San Francisco.  She has a conference and invited me to go along.  I've never been and am excited about seeing all of the sights, especially Alcatraz.  I'll be taking my computer along and will probably have some down time while she's in conference, so I'll try to post some travel pictures.  Any one out there familiar with the city know of any yarn shops within walking distance of the financial district?

11 thoughts on “Ladybug, Ladybug

  1. Those sweaters are totally amazing. Just the thought of all those ends makes me shudder.

    What fun to see them on the girls. They both look very happy about their new knitwear.

  2. Those sweaters are terrific, Dorothy! I’m also going to dig up that magazine for the cabled sweater as it’s very cute. I’ve been to Atelier in SF for yarn, but since you’re a quilter, you really need to check out Britex for fabric. It’s mind boggling, or at least it was when I visited quite a while ago. DD has been back in Seattle for 5 years now, so we don’t get to SF as often anymore. Have a GREAT time! You will love it.

  3. Thank you Judy. I had some questions about Atelier yarns. But I don’t have your address. Can you email me privately and give it to me? Thanks.

  4. Both lady bug sweaters are so pretty and the girls look adorable in them.
    The Tuckernut caridgan is such a pretty design too!

  5. Gorgeous projects! And Mei-Mei will be able to wear the larger sweater eventually!

    I was in SF several years ago, ArtFibers was the only shop I got to. It is a gorgeous shop, some really gorgeous stuff you won’t find anywhere else. In fact, in your honor I dragged something from there out of the stash today!

  6. Love the ladybugs! The sweaters look like they were worth all that effort. (Oh, the yarn ends to weave! Oh, the horror!)
    The cabled sweaters will seem downright restful by comparison!

  7. Congrats on the great sweater. We went to SF for our honeymoon and have been back a few times. I listen to Stash and Burn podcasts for hints of the area. Is ArtFibers near where you will stay. They have a new store. I wish we had gone to Imaginit as well, but maybe in the future. There’s a Bay Area Knitters Group on Rav.

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