Well, we survived an entire week with the granddaughters!!  Perhaps survival is putting it a little too strongly, because mostly it was a delight.  They are very easy kids.  But the constant activity can be a little draining on two aging grandparents.  I discovered quickly that the key was to keep them busy.  And a perfect activity was winding yarn.  Ivy took to it like a pro:


Isobel was amazed at how much sock yarn we wound:


We made a field trip to Padilla bay where the girls learned a lot about the creatures that hang around an estuary:



And Ivy learned that she could actually sit in a whale vertebrae:


The best part of the day?


Ivy was pretty happy to see Mom and Dad, but Isobel actually got a little weepy when she had to leave.  I had to assure her that they will be back in two weeks to  spend the week again for Vacation Bible School.  That should give me and Grandpa enough time to recover!

I did manage to sneak in a little sewing here and there, but discovered I do not do my best work when I am distracted!  Before the girls came I managed to redo the handles on the tote bag.  As most of you suggested, they were too long and were positioned wrong.  Here's the new and improved bag:


And another one that is up on etsy:


And today I was able to spend the whole blessed day in my sewing room and just posted these on etsy:



Although they look deceptively alike, the upper one is lined with stiff interfacing and a plastic insert in the bottom so it can stand on its own.  It also comes with a matching accessory bag.  The bottom one is softed sided and can actually be folded up if necessary.  I think this line of bags will go over well with the Corgi lovers.

We've actually had a few days here and there that made it up over 70 degrees.  Hearing what's going on in the rest of the country, I am so grateful for our moderate weather.  I don't know if we'll even get any tomatoes this year.  The plants are green and healthy, but woefully short of blossoms. 

Off to enjoy the peace and quiet!  And just to assert my independence, I've left sharp objects and hot coffee just lying around!!

6 thoughts on “Survival!

  1. That was a fun-filled week. I’d like to have some little elves help me wind yarn!
    The bag handles look just right now; all of the bags look great. Yes, I bet Corgi lovers will snap up those bags!
    Sharp objects and hot coffee lying around- love it!

  2. Looks like a great week was had by all!
    Love all your bags.
    And our weather has been mostly crap, too. Hot followed by cold – like a yoyo. The garden is confused…

  3. Glad you survived! And it sounds like you had an enjoyable time which gives me hope for 3 weeks with our GK later in the summer. We’re going there for a wedding, and mama and the kids are returning with us for a week. Should be interestingly fun.

    Love your Corgi bag. What kind of stabilizer do you use when you embroider? I need to get better acquainter with that feature on my machine.

    You’re right that this isn’t even a cherry tomato summer! But it has been beautiful the past several days, hasn’t it? Enjoy!

  4. It looks like you had a great time with the girls! My only experience with letting a grandkid wind yarn didn’t turn out quite so happily. Perhaps it was that it was one of the boy kids!

    And those Corgi bags are too much of a temptation!

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