The cuteness quotient has been pretty high around here lately.  First off, I've been sewing doll clothes and it doesn't get much cuter than that.  I made p.j.'s for Mei-Mei's doll and she had to try them on immediately:


I also made this summer outfit (modeled on my doll):


And this cute little dress:


Unfortunately, I ignored the advice on the last pattern to measure my doll first and found out that she's a little chubster.  The dress is pretty tight and doesn't quite meet in the back.  Live and learn.

I also found this simple pattern while browsing a yarn store in Friday Harbor last week.  I forgot the name of the store, but it's right on Spring Street and is quite nice.  The pattern is amazingly simple – just five garter stitch rectangles.  The pattern instructs you to knit them separately and sew them together.  However, I modified it since I have an aversion to sewing up!  I left the shoulder stitches live and did a three needle bind off, then picked up the sleeve stitches at the shoulder and knit down. That left only the underarm seam to sew.  The pattern goes by the imaginative name of "Encore Worsted 1528", but you can also check under Baby Kimono in Ravelry.


Cute, no?  This will be donated to the charity my sister volunteers for – Eastside Baby Corner down in the Seattle area.  I have a whole bag of Encore to do more.  First I'm making the child sized version for Isobel:


This is known by the even more clever name of "Encore Worsted 1440".   Of course, one for Mei-Mei will follow.

It's amazing that I've even had time to knit.  My calendar has been bursting at the seams lately.  Now that the crush is over, I hope I've come to my senses and stopped overscheduling myself.  But not all of the scheduling was necessarily bad.  I leave you with this last bit of cuteness overload – Mei-Mei in her first ballet lesson:


I didn't know it was possible to have so much pink in one room!

8 thoughts on “Cute

  1. What a wonderful post. I love how you’re enjoying your retirement and your granddaughters.

    The most pink I’ve ever seen was in the Barbie isle of a large toy store. It was almost too much for me, as that hot pink color is not one of my favorites. I like your pinks much better.

  2. My exercise class follows a group of little girls who take dance, and I have had the same reaction about the pinkness. They do look adorable, though.

    Very cute doll’s clothes!

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