I started this post yesterday and at that time I really had nothing to report.  However, I have been a busy little bee and finished not one, but TWO projects!  First up is Isobel's sweater.  Technically you could probably say it's not a complete FO yet because I have not decided on the closures.  But at the most they will be a few minutes work, so I am officially declaring it an FO:


She won't get it until I finish her sister's sweater.  I have the back and both fronts done and am working on the collar.  That makes it all scrunched up on the needles, so it wouldn't do any good to show you a picture. This should be quick work to finish up the collar and two sleeves.

And today I FINALLY finished hubby's Cambridge jacket.  My distate for finishing really got
in the way of this one, plus for a while I was worried it was not going to fit.  But not to worry – it fits fine and I think he looks very handsome in his new sweater:


Besides this finishing flurry of two days, a lot of my time has been spent on stuff that is really quite productive, but that doesn't provide for exciting blog fodder.  I've been taking a class on organization from Linda Sattgast at Scrapper's Guide.  As anyone who does digital scrapbooking knows, it's easy for all your photos and scrapbooking supplies to become a digital mess.  It's not like traditional scrapbooking where you can visually look for things.  Supplies can get buried in the depths of your computer, never to be seen again. So I've been spending a lot of time on organizing.  It can get tedious, but once you have your system in place, upkeep becomes much, much easier.

A lot like any type of organizing, I guess.  This year hubby and I have been working on simplifying and decluttering.  So far we've done several closets, including the walk-in closet in our bedroom.  Last week I did some of our kitchen cabinets.  I wish I had taken "during" pictures!  I had stuff scattered all over the kitchen and dining room.  I decided to really reinvent the wheel and ended up moving the dishes out of the cabinet where they've been stored for 25 years and into the pantry.  The cabinet now holds all of my bread baking supplies.  I think this is really a lot more logical, although it's going to take some time to get used to it.  Hubby's keeping count of how many times he goes to the wrong cupboard for a dish!  Here's an exciting view of my bread baking cabinet:


During all of this I've taken countless boxes of stuff to the thrift shop.  Very liberating!  It's so nice to be able to find what you really want without having to dig through piles of stuff you don't really need.

To cap off all this whirlwind of activity, hubby and I celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary on Friday. We celebrated by treating ourselves to the most expensive lunch we've ever had – at Anothony's in Anacortes.  It was worth every penny and ended with the most decadent triple chocolate cake with ice cream and raspberry sauce.  Yum!  Thanks sweetie for a wonderful lunch and more importantly, the 39 years marvelous years that preceded it.


9 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Fabulous FOs. Your husband looks great in the Cambridge Jacket- well done!
    I seriously need to declutter. It was such an onerous job cleaning out my dad’s house that I want to try and prevent that in my own.
    Nice baking cabinet. Our local Job Lot stores carry the biggest variety of Bob’s Red Mill items; I love their products. My breakfast includes BRM 5 Grain Cereal nearly every day.
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. That Cambridge jacket is very handsome and so is the guy who is in it. No wonder you’ve kept him around for 39 years.

    I’m finding that it’s taking at least two passes to get something totally declutted. How about you? Maybe you’re better at it than I am?

    Anyway, it’s very liberating and I’m constantly amazed at how much stuff is in this house that I don’t care if I ever see again. Some of it I forgot was even here.

  3. Nice sweaters, Dorothy! I really like how the Cambridge sweater turned out. (Awesome job on the zipper!) Looks great on your DH also. A belated Happy Anniversary!

  4. That is a great sweater for a man, and I think the fit is excellent. Although I don’t mind finishing as a rule, I’m not particularly fond of inserting zippers on sweaters (even though I do garment zippers by hand without any qualms at all).

    39 years is impressive–congratulations.

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