Jonesing for Lace

I haven't knitted any lace since I finished my Advent Scarf back in November and I'm definitely feeling the effects.  I am in full blown withdrawal and will have to remedy that soon.  I've already ordered some Eos from the Unique Sheep in a lovely soft pink.  My original plan was to knit another Evenstar.  


As you may remember, I made the shocking decision to give away the first one I made.  I certainly don't regret it because my niece absolutely loves it and does wear it.  Another option might be the 2011 KALendar shawl.    Because it is a mystery KAL, there are not pictures on the project page, but fellow Raveler Judy has kindly consented to let me share hers:


Is that not absolutely glorious?  However, I'm not sure I have enough yarn for that.  Even if I don't do it this time, it definitely goes in my queue.  The other option is be patient, because scuttlebutt has it that the same designer, Carmen Oliveras, may be starting another KAL in March.  Looking at her designs, I would most certainly be on board for that.  I will keep you posted.

The reason I've not been doing lace was because I was so focused on finished hubby's Mountain Brook.  As promised, here is the modeled shot.  Doesn't he look handsome?  And the fit is perfect!


Next up I need to get working on son's sweater.  We haven't been able to find any patterns that he likes, so I'm afraid I'll need to draft one.  Thankfully, my LYS, from whom I bought the yarn has Sweater Wizard on her computer at the shop and is going to plug in the numbers for me.  I just need to get a good gauge for her first.  I did need to do some mending on the sweater I made for him last year.  He's certainly got a lot of wear out of it, but that has taken its toll:


This wasn't a simple fix as it involved two rows of knitting.  First up, I had to (horrors!) make the hold bigger:


Then I stabilized it with a contrasting thread and wove in the ends:


Next up was to weave two lengths of yarn into the opening:


Then, using a crochet hook, I laddered up the stitiches:


In the interest of full disclosure, I almost didn't post this last picture because the end result wasn't as neat as I would have wished.  I should have taken more time and used better light, but at least the end result is not too ugly and is completely functional!


I'm hoping it will even out more as it's washed.  For more complete directions, check out this article in Knitty.

For now it's on to more sock knitting.  I've finished the first pair of the barter socks and am down to the foot on the first of the second pair.  I really want to get these done and get on to something fun – like lace!

6 thoughts on “Jonesing for Lace

  1. Your sweater turned out great, Dorothy! And just in time for this chilly weather, eh? I am still only on day 15 of that Advent scarf…..someday it’ll be done. That is an amazing shawl; I can see why you want to do another! I find mystery projects a bit difficult as it really helps me to have a picture in my head of what I’m trying to do. Right now am working on Blathnat socks in case you’re looking for another sock pattern……

  2. Your husband is looking fine in his sweater, wonderful job! I’d love it if my husband wore sweaters, then again it would be miles of plain knitting in probably the same color and style over and over…
    Has your son seen the Cobblestone sweater? I thoroughly enjoyed knitting that for my dad.
    Thanks for the mending tutorial and link. I too am betting it will blend in more with blocking and wear.

  3. Evenstar is on my must-knit-someday list. It is such a beautiful pattern. Your husband’s sweater looks terrific.

    There are some pretty good instructions for fixing holes in Mary Thomas’ books. I used them for grafting a hole in ribbing (not something I care to do again for a long time). I thought her diagrams were the clearest I came across. Your fix looks fine, and I bet it will even out after washing and blocking

  4. Hubby looks good in that sweater! That shawl is gorgeous, I can see why you are interested in it. It looks challenging!

    By the way, I’m wearing that red shawl that you gave me today! It’s a bit cool here this morning so it’s getting to go to church with us!

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