Down the Rabbit Hole

Whenever I start a new piece of lace, I always feel as if I've slipped down a rabbit hole.  I get so engrossed in it that everything else takes a back seat.  The 2011 KALendar Shawl has been no exception!  This is such a wonderful pattern!  There is so much going on and it is constantly changing and keeping my interest.  The pattern is very well written, and since the KAL is officially over, has the added bonus of having been test knit by a large number of knitters.  Like most large shawls, it's difficult to get a good picture without risking having it slip off the needles, but here goes:


However, I really do need to start thinking about putting it aside because I have several other projects that need my attention.  As if I don't have enough on my plate, I signed up for a swap with the American Girl Doll Knitters group on Ravelry.  This won't be too involved, though.  I think I can probably finish a little sweater in less than a week.  I've chosen as my pattern a darling little cabled sweater by Astrid Aesoey.  I just want to finish this one section on the KALendar shawl, which should be done tonight.

The other project that needs to take front and center stage is my son's sweater.  As you may recall, I gave him the yarn for Christmas and it would really, really be nice if I could finish it in time for his birthday the end of June.  No promises though, Ben!  I just couldn't find a pattern that he liked, so I'm devising my own pattern.  It will be a simple set-in sleeve cardigan in basketweave stitch.  My LYS offered to plug it into her Sweater Wizard.  However, I found it on sale for half price and bit the bullet and bought it.  I've been trying to hold out for a Mac version (have I mentioned how much I hate Windows?), but that doesn't seem to be on the horizon quite yet.  


I also need to resume work on my gansey.  There's no huge rush, but it is our yearly group project for my knitting group and since I'm the only one crazy enough to do a fingering weight version, I am already hopelessly behind.

And . . . . our knitting group has also undertaken a project for our picnic in July with a neighboring group.  They have decided to do teddy bears and I am on the hook for two.  It seems like everyone in our group is just too fond of knitting tiny little toys, except me!  I keep putting it off, but the time will come soon when I need to get going on that.  I'm trying to use the "small step" approach to spur me on.  The first step was putting the pattern into Knitters Companion.  I love this program so much and my iPad is a constant fixture in my knitting basket now.  Next step was to get out the needles.  This week I will choose the yarn and then will have no choice but to get going on it!

I did take time out from knitting projects to scrapbook about my knitting.  Our project this month in the scrapbooking class I'm taking is our hobbies.  Wow – I could probably fill a whole scrapbook with just that.  Here's my page on knitting:


Spring has finally sprung in our part of the country, but we're not out of the woods yet.  Lots more rain to come, but these lovely daffodils are God's way of saying that he hasn't forgotten us.  


6 thoughts on “Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. Love your daffs! Mine have just poked their heads up (very early for up here!) but are now covered with snow, since we got a bunch dumped on us overnight. (Last week was an unseasonable run of temps in the 70’s. Snow is much more normal…)
    Looks like you’ve got plenty to keep you busy – happy knitting!

  2. How many project was that with due dates? Yikes.

    You’re a good enough knitter to get them all done, though. And they’ll all look perfect when you’re finished.

    Love your new spring blog template.

  3. The shawl is so beautiful, I can understand why you can’t keep your fingers off it.

    I too wish that Sweater Wizard worked on a Mac. For now, it is pencil and paper (and a calculator!) for me until a Mac version becomes available.

  4. I hope you’ve made lots of progress on both your deadline and pleasure knitting. Deadline knitting can be stressful…
    When my daughter was into AG dolls I enjoyed knitting a few outfits for her doll (Samantha). It is a lot of fun!

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