Back – For A While!

Thanks for all the kind comments regarding my wrist.  It is doing a lot better.  A combination of the splint, icing and a little knitting vacation seemed to do the trick.  The knitting hiatus came about because of a real vacation – we flew back to Missouri for a family reunion.  There was lots of visiting (and eating!), but very little knitting.

As those of you who have followed my blog might remember, my home town is a tiny little town in Missouri.  The population varies somewhat, but as far as anyone can tell, it's less than 100.  My parents have lived in the same cute little stone house for over 30 years:


We even got to visit the actual house I was born in.  I was a little disappointed that the owner wasn't home, so we didn't get to go inside.


This visit was especially memorable, because all of the siblings were together for the first time in almost 10 years!


Aren't we a cute bunch?  We also got to meet my brother Pat's wife for the first time.


They are an absolutely darling couple.  This picture was taken in front of the house that Rose Wilder Lane built for her mother, Laura Ingalls Wilder.  We also visited the house that Almanzo built for her:


I have to admit that I never did read the Little House books growing up.  But I bought one for the granddaughters and I think we will read them together.

Immediately upon returning, we had birthdays to celebrate.  Isobel and Grandpa celebrated their birthdays with a joint party – they are only one day (and 56 years!) apart.


Abby and I took a chance and bought Isobel an American Girl Doll.  When Ivy got hers, Isobel insisted that she didn't "need" a doll because she is not a "girly-girl".  But whenever they passed the American Girl Doll place in Alderwood Mall, she would look wistfully in the window.  We thought that perhaps she would be won over if the doll suited her.  So we picked out a doll that looked like her and I made a Gi with a yellow belt because Isobel just earned her first yellow belt in Karate.  The effort was a resounding success!  One of the first things Isobel said was, "She looks just like me!"


She promptly named her doll Amelia, after Amelia Earhart. And there was more than enough dolly love to go around!


We're off on other adventures soon, but I'll post after we get back.  I'm a little cautious any more about advertising that we'll be gone, even though we have a house/dog sitter.  I'll be visiting a favorite sister-in-law, who just happens to be a knitter.  Good times!

7 thoughts on “Back – For A While!

  1. I love this happy post! Your parents must have been thrilled to have all their children together. I can see the family resemblance among you all.

    What an ‘Aaaawww’ moment you captured with Isobel and her doll!

    Oh, Dorothy, I can’t believe you never read the Little House books, and you being born in Missouri! They were among my absolute favorite books growing up. My parents bought me a book every Christmas and birthday starting at age 7 until I had the whole series, and I’ve read them countless times. I read them to my children, too. Reading them as a grown-up gives a whole different perspective. (I scorned the TV series however because it wasn’t the ‘real thing’.) You are in for good times reading them with your granddaughters!

  2. I’ve been wondering where you were! Missed you also bu so glad your wrist is feeling better. Looks like you’re going to be doing lots of dolly sewing! Fun. Have fun with your SIL!

  3. The Little House books are fun to read out loud – enjoy!
    I’m glad your wrist is feeling better. Not being able to knit would be terribly frustrating!

  4. What a great post. I did not read the Little House books either, but I got them for my son–who really enjoyed them when he was up to chapter books.

  5. Love your Missouri pictures. It is close to where my husband grew up. We loved visiting Laura Ingalls Wilders house. I was especially interested in the small scale of certain things in the house. She had depression glass too! I like depression glass and was impressed that she had a few pieces. A simpler time and place.

  6. Thanks! I remember the guide saying that both Almonzo and Laura were both rather short, so he made things to fit them. His woodworking was very impressive! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog.


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