Home Again

We're back from another trip, this time to Logan, Utah.  Hubby's brother recently got a new job at Logan State University and had been encouraging us to come down and visit them.  It was a fairly quick road trip – two days down, two days there, and two days back, with a side trip to the Spokane area to visit his other brother.  Logan is a beautiful area!  One day we took a side trip to Bear Lake and on the way passed a little cave that Bill and his brother remember visiting in 1966.


We drove up to Tony's Grove and found a beautiful lake still partly covered by ice:


And there was knitting!  Debbie is a wonderful knitter and we visited her LYS for some fiber therapy. Of course, there was yarn as souvenirs:


There was a close out sale on some merino laceweight and these two skeins jumped right into my bag!  And we decided to start a sister-in-law knit-a-long and bought the same yarn to make Wingspan:


I seem to have misplaced the ball band, so I can't remember what yarn it is – I believe it's a new Regia sock yarn, but don't quote me on that.  I don't know if I'm going to have enough to do the full 8 repeats.  It's getting close and I'm knitting faster in the hope that the faster I knit, the farther my yarn will go.

To make the hours go quicker on the road, hubby and I listened to an audio book.  We chose 11-22-63 by Stephen King.  This is definitely one of his best!  Of course, with King, you do have to accept that there will be  some language, but he has kept the violence to a minimum.  And did I say it's long??  We didn't finish it on the trip, so have been listening to it in the evenings instead of watching TV.  I can see that the book wouldn't be of as much interest to the younger set, but for those of us who lived through Kennedy's assassination, it's fascinating to think about going back in time to try and stop it.

Lately I've been revisiting one of my long time loves – quilting.  Never fear that I'll give up knitting, but a recent visit to a quilt show and the exhibit of my good friend JoAnne and her gorgeous applique quilts has gotten me thinking about getting back to hand applique:


I have taken a leap off the deep end and have joined a Block of the Month to make this quilt:


I have always wanted to make a Baltimore Album quilt, but just didn't know where to even start.  I'm hoping by doing it this way I will get over my hesitation.  Yeah, I know I'm crazy!  I have no doubt that I will be unable to keep up on a monthly basis, but I hope to keep plodding away and eventually get it done.  In the meantime, I'm honing my skills on a much simpler block:


There are still leaves to be added.  This does mean that I will be starting fewer knitting projects, however, I did finish the 2011 KALendar shawl:


It just needs blocking, but I'm sure I'll procrastinate because blocking that puppy is going to be an all day affair!  In fact, I'm not sure I have enough T-pins.  This shawl just about did me in!  At the end I think I had over 1600 stitches on the needle.  I think the results are probably worth it, but any shawls I'll be doing for a while will be smaller.  I am joining the Ravelympics team for the Knit Companion group and will probablyl do Haruni.  The goal will be to cast on during the opening ceremonies and finish by the closing ceremonies.

In closing, I leave with this picture of Maggie.  As those who love Corgis know, they are able to defy the law of physics and shed more hair than they actually have!  It cracks me up that she is a black dog, but the undercoat that she loses in the spring is a light grey.  I know it's possible to spin dog hair, but I think hers is too short stapled.



8 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. Oh my goodness, you have about 5 posts’ worth of activity going on here!
    Isn’t Wingspan fun? I love watching the colors play out as the triangles form.
    And I’ve always wanted to do a Baltimore Album, as well, but wasn’t sure where to start either. (I haven’t done any quilting for a long long time, at this point. I’ve got several WIPs that I should drag out at some point.)
    Looks like you’ve got enough Corgi fluff to knit a whole ‘nother dog…

  2. I agree on the “5 posts worth of activity” comment! You’ve been busy! That big shawl would do me in.
    Don’t even think about spinning that fluff. It will drive you nuts since it’s so short.

  3. 1600 stitches, wow! And how long was that needle? Was that the Advent KAL? I’ve been eyeing Wingspan and Haruni also….. Your Baltimore quilt looks pretty challenging but beautiful. Between all that and making doll clothes, you should not get into trouble for a long time. lol

  4. The KALender shawl is amazing! I’m mulling Haruni as a summer project–IF I get too discouraged doing Fair Isle. I have some silk cobweb yarn that would be excellent for it. I’ll watch your progress for inspiration.

  5. OMG – you are making such great progress on Wingspan! The yarn was Regia Hand-dye Effect. 70% superwash wool, 25% Polyamide and 5% acrylic. I’m afraid I haven’t touched it since you left. I’m trying to finish the crocheted Shill Shell shawl before Korea. I finished the star fish – he’s a bit pudgy, even after I removed a great deal of the stuffing. It was so great to see you guys!

  6. As always your projects bowl me over! Beautiful souvenir yarns. Baltimore quilting looks daunting, but if anyone can do it you can!

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