P5310030TA DAH! The body of the Mediterranean Shawl is done! That’s one of the reasons I didn’t post yesterday – I was on a knitting roll and didn’t want to stop. I’m happy so far with the results – I love the shape and think it will be a pleasure to wear. However, now I have to pick up stitches all around the outside and that’s a long, long way!! 1532 stitches to be exact. I think that will be a record # of stitches on one needle for me. But the border is only 50 rows and since it’s such a long way around, each row should be easy to memorize. Ya think?

I did take time out from knitting yesterday to go to the movies with my husband. We went to see “The Day After Tomorrow”. Now you know my guilty secret – I love disaster movies! And really awful “B” science fiction, too. You know, the ones where giant insects eat Cleveland. However, I draw the line at Godzilla – I do have some taste (although my husband might beg to differ). Anyway, as disaster movies go, this one wasn’t too bad. Had a lot of the typical disaster movie cliches, but it didn’t beat them to death. And it had Dennis Quaid. What can I say?

kermit_in_the_tulipsAnd, on a sad note – we say goodbye to Kermit this week. Kermit is my husband’s lovingly restored 1958 BMW Isetta. Everyone is quite surprised that Bill has sold him, but the time (and price) just seemed to be right. Bill had a great time restoring him and has had five great years of car shows and first place trophies, but decided the time had come to move on to something else. So Kermit is headed off to San Francisco and Bill is eyeing the originial Mini Coopers. He’s hoping to get an original fully restored to match the 2004 MINI I will be getting in July. A (somewhat) matched set! So, although sad, it is the end of one era and the beginning of another.

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