Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Happy Easter to everyone. You wouldn’t know it was spring in the Pacific Northwest. We’re supposed to set a record low temperature today. It’s dark and gloomy and rainy. The upside of this is that one feels perfectly justified in curling up in front of the fire and knitting on warm woolies. The sleeve on FLAK is progressing – almost to the halfway point. Pictures will follow when I reach the cuff.

In the FO column:


More Fun Than Cables socks from Marguerite’s excellent pattern (free on her website – go get it!). The yarn is St. Ives – very nice and beautiful, subtle heathery colors. I’m thinking, though, that I really need to get some sock blockers so you can see the real beauty of these socks. These are for my friend who embroidered the Hummel for me. Of course, I had to cast on another pair immediately. What should it be? I have a tendency to collect sock yarn and then really dither when it comes to making a choice. There was a new yarn to choose from and one I didn’t realize I had:


The Koigu is new. The only thing I’ve ever made from Koigu was a small beaded purse. But I hear Koigu socks are a delight to behold, so I had to snag some. And lately, everywhere I turn in blogland, I hear people talking about Opal. Imagine my surprise when I surfed my stash to find out that I had a skein. I think it had gravitated to the back because I’m not really fond of the colors. But they will make wonderful socks for my friend, who likes bright funky socks.

In the end, the choice was neither of the above. I have a new love:


Forgive the fuzziness. It was either washed out by the flash or fuzzy. This yarn is absolutely incredible! It slides through your fingers like silk. Wait, it IS silk! Actually, it is 55% wool, 20% silk and 25% polyamid. It seems to have the best of all worlds. The wool gives it spring and elasticity, the silk gives it an incredible smooth feel and the nylon will, I hope, contribute to long wear. At this point I don’t care because it is so wonderful to work with that I could knit with it forever. I have Bearfoot in my stash that feels scratchy next to this.

The pattern I’m using is Mona Schmidt’s Embossed Leaves Socks from the Winter ’05 issue of Interweave Knits. This is really the perfect marriage of pattern and yarn. There is a great tubular cast on that utilizes some new techniques I’ve not tried before. One caution – the tubular cast on and twisted rib are extremely elegant, but make for a tight cuff. I was about halfway down the leg when I decided that it was going to be too tight ( and I have skinny ankles) and I didn’t want anything to spoil these socks for me. So I frogged and started over using one size larger needles for the cuff (two would have been ok too) and making a concentrated effort to cast on as loosely as possible while still making a neat edge. I’m much happier with it.

I reached a milestone in my college career this week. I sent off my application for graduation! Don’t get too excited – I still have 4 more semesters to go, since I only go part-time. But it’s the countdown to the end and will generate a checklist so that I make sure everything is done so I can graduate on time. After going to school for almost 10 years, this is exciting. The light at the end of the tunnel.

Not sure if I will get to blogging next week. Studies and work during the week and fun on the weekend. My sister won backstage passes to the Pacific Northwest Ballet at a charity auction. We get tours of the dressing rooms and orchesta and get to watch the ballet (Sleeping Beauty) from the wings with headsets so we can hear all of the dancer’s cues. Afterwards we head on over to the Westin (think four star) where my sister has reserved us a room. She’s going to volunteer at another charity auction and she invited me along and even offered me an evening dress to wear (it’s very formal). But that’s not really my cup of tea, so I’m going to enjoy the room and may even splurge on room service. I’ll take my laptop and if they have free wireless connection – you’ll hear from me.

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  1. Thanks for that title and opening line. Our pastor in Orlando says that several times during Easter service. He says Christ has risen and we repeat back He has risen indeed. I’m not sure if our pastor out here does that. Seeing that on your blog gave me a nice, warm happy feeling. Thanks.

  2. Happy Easter Dorothy!
    You’re turning into quite the sock knitter lately.
    The ballet sounds like it will be really interesting, have fun.
    (Dark, gloomy and cool up here too)

  3. Happy Easter to you too. It nice and warm (maybe a little too warm)here in Charleston. I love Koigu, and I have a pair of socks from it. Never used Opal, but heard lots of good about it. I bet the Regia Silk feels wonderful.

    Enjoy the ballet

  4. Happy Easter Dorothy! 2 yarns I’ve never used but am dying to! Regia Silk and St. Ives (from seeing all the ones Nancy has in Vintage Socks!) I’ll be living vicariously thru you šŸ™‚

    Opal’s not one of my favs (I know Marguerite will hit me for that!) but it’s quite scratchy to me. Yes, it softens when washed but it’s hard on my hands while knitting!

    Have a great time at your ballet, sounds like lots of fun!

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