Time to introduce my partner for The Amazing Lace!

First step was to send out applications. The response was overwhelming! Behold – The Amazing Lace Stash:


The applicants were all worthy. Which to choose? Shadow by Knit Picks in a glorious grape color. Alpaca Cloud, also by Knit Picks – so very soft and in subtle shadings of Moss, Iris, Sunlight or Sand. But wait, there’s more! Also by Knit Picks (have they got my number or what?), Paint Your Own Laceweight, either in natural or a lovely Kool-Aid Berry Blue.

What about the lovely Skacel Merino Lace – in three lovely colors, one with matching irridescent beads? Or, a true heirloom could be started, perhaps one of Sharon Miller’s gorgeous designs in Jamieson & Smith Cobweb. Perhaps the lovely Inky Dinky Spider, Tina, or Paisley Long Shawl by Dorothy Siemens.

In the end, the winner was a project already on the needles – Peacock Feathers, by Dorothy Siemens. The yarn – Knit Picks Shadow in Vineyard. The needles – size 4 Addi Turbos.


Why, you might ask did the balance tip in favor of Peacock Feathers? Three reasons:

1. Fidelity Matters. Why go looking for a new love when I’ve got a perfectly good one right at home? (Kind of like marriage, huh?)

2. She’s Cheap! No, really! Shadow – $2.29 a skein. Total skeins needed – about 2 1/2. Need I say more?

3. She’s Familiar. For me this race is not about winning. With all of the amazing contestants out there, I know I have no chance whatsoever to win. For me, it’s about finishing and having a good time. This is my second Peacock Feathers. The first was made for my mother last Christmas. It’s comfort knitting at its finest and I intend to relax and have a good time.

So, we’re off and running. Here we are with our final member of the team – Agatha:


Traveling will be done this summer on The Amazing Lace. Itinerary so far – Bellevue, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Dallas (airport time only) and Orlando (YES!! Izzy time!) and who knows where else?

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  1. Ft. Lauderdale? Huh? Huh? Please? 🙂

    Good solid choice for a team mate! Loyalty and comfort are very important!

    I have decided to make the one of the “gentleman’s socks” from Vintage Socks with the St. Ives for either Augie or FK Dad. Unfortunately they are #5 in the sock queue so you won’t be seeing them for a while! have you swatched that lovely fortissima yet? It’s so plump and lofty it should make some yummy socks!

  2. The most amazing thing about this post is the white, neat, decorated garage with gingham curtains.

    I now hang my head in housewife shame and mourn my defective clean gene.

  3. I second Marguerite’s remarks.
    I wouldn’t DARE take a picture in my garage unless it was for the purpose of publicly confessing my shame!
    The walls, where you can see them, are white… but it’s a disaster area! The only good thing I can say about it is that both cars still fit.

  4. Oooooh, the competition heats up.

    Have fun on all of your travels. When are you heading to Orlando? We’re going in the middle of July.

  5. Yay! You did join the Amazing Lace. I thought you were going to sit this one out. I’m so glad you joined–you knit lace beautifully.

  6. Your Aunt Lucy and I both read your blog weekly. What a talented cousin (niece) we have! Chances are you won’t have time, but if you thought it would be worth it for me to bring mother to DFW, please let us know. I know Mother would love to see you – even if for a short time. We get such pleasure watching Isabel grow. I love this lacey shawl. Your mother must wear hers with such pride – and she is as beautiful as you – or you as she! Have a wonderful summer. I wish you were next door so I could pop over for a lesson.

  7. Lakewood, I hope! And I don’t think I knew that your car was named Agatha. That’s a very good, British sounding name.
    And I’m glad that there is someone out there with more lace yarn than I have. I would be totally embarrassed to get mine all together to take a picture.

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