Rain, rain go away! Like most Pacific Northwesterners, I love the rain. But this is too much even for me. We’ve had record rains here, as you may have heard on the news. Normal for Seattle for November is 1.58 inches – so far they’ve already had 8.8 inches! There has been terrible flooding with whole houses washing down the river. We’re fortunate in that we are not affected. We live on an island with no rivers or streams nearby and we’re at a relatively high spot on the island. The worst we’ve had to deal with is some standing water in the backyard:


Still dealing with school stuff, but it’s getting better. Although, if I get an A in statistics, it will be in spite of the professor rather than because of him! We get an opportunity for one retake on each of our exams. So far, I’ve not had to take advantage of that, thank goodness! In order to get the course finished on time he has dates by which you must take the test to allow a retake if necessary. However, he suggests that you wait to have your projects graded before taking the exams. This last exam deadline was November 10th. I turned my projects in TWO WEEKS ago and by the morning of the 10th, they still weren’t graded! It’s not as if there’s mail time involved – they’re submitted electronically and he has them in his mailbox within minutes after I submit them. Fortunately I am doing well in the class and haven’t needed the retakes. And, I didn’t listen to him, but took the exam a week ago. But I really feel for the students who are struggling in the class. By the way, I finally got my projects back about noon and got 34 out of 35 possible points. Ok, rant over.

I have managed to get some knitting done. One of the three pairs of socks I pictured last week is finished and I’m past the heel on one of the others. The rather garish ones are for my mom – not to wear, but to gift to a teenaged friend. She wanted something loud and I think those definitely fit the bill. And look, all of the major knitting on Izzy’s Christmas project is done:


Now all that’s left is the finishing – neck and armhole bands, cutting, steeking and sewing. I’ve been really contemplating my knitting and think I am going to make some rather drastic changes come the first of the year. One of the things I’m going to do is take a critical look at each of my projects and make a decision whether I’m really committed to finishing it and enjoying it. If not – frog pond, here we come. Generally frogging something doesn’t bother me too much, but I am dithering over this project:


I started Kongsberg as a gift for my daughter-in-law Abby. However, she now lives in Orlando and probably has no use at all for a Norwegian sweater (although it is in fingering weight). And now that I know her better, I think this is too fancy for her. A solid color gansey in a simple design would be more her speed. (Abby – correct me if I’m wrong! If you absolutely love this, I will finish it!). There is already so much work involved in this, I hate frogging, but if I finish – who will wear it? It’s a small size and I don’t know anyone that size that I would give it to – and I obviously can’t wear it. So, dear readers – what’s your advice?

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  1. That sweater is so beautful, I couldn’t frog it.

    I think I’d finish it, and give it to her eventually. She may not get much use of it in Florida, but who knows. I wouldn’t get much use of that sweater in coastal South Carolina either, but it’s something I still would want plus it would be nice to have when I travel to cold places.

  2. How much do you have left to knit on Kongsberg?

    CIC is having a sweater challenge for the older kids the first of the year. If I understand correctly, the older kids get to own their own clothing and take it with them when they leave at 16.

    Or, it is so classic that maybe Izzy would like it when she gets older?

    It’s so beautiful I can see why you’re dithering. But, if it’s never going anywhere to someone who will love it, then it’s better frogged than haunting you as an unfinished project.

  3. Here’s the thing…Abby WILL wear it! Once she aclimates to being hot as Hades 9 months of the year, she will be chilly in the winter months! When I first moved here I remember swimming on New Years day that year…now? I would never even consider it, it’s too cold!! And I wear sweaters and fleece jackets too!

    It’s a classic and so lovely, she’ll wear it and take it with her wherever she goes!

  4. Floridians like sweaters. We wear wool and stuff. Not all year long but if you’ve got a good sweater then you can go coatless. We like sweaters. Really. We think we’re cold. We where lots of sweaters. Pinky swear!

  5. Oh, that sweater is of heirloom type. And the black and white is so classic and elegant, you can’t go wrong with it. It will be a gift that will be treasured and can be worn when Abby travels somewhere really cold.

  6. Congrats on the awesome grades! Your socks are really nice love the work involved & the colors too. Orlando gets pretty chilly in “winter”, the sweater would make a nice “coat”. Please don’t frog that one! Oh the work involved! And so gorgeous too…

  7. WOW! That sweater is GORGEOUS. I would hate to frog it such magnificent work…But what good is it if no one will wear it? Hard choice, good luck with it

  8. Well, Dorothy, I think I’m the lone ranger on this one – but you need to talk to Abby. It is absolutely beautiful work, but this is one that I wouldn’t wear – being the plain Jane (Margaret) that I am. However, as cute and petite as Abby is – she’d look marvelous in anything (or as Mother usually says, a tow sack)? – Abby, just be honest. I guess one reason I really hesitate to say anything is because your knitting is so beautiful. I like the ebay solution – unless, of course, you don’t enjoy knitting it. You could gift the money – or use it for more materials to make something just right. I love the socks so maybe my taste is too garish – and really all your other projects are exquisite. But, thank goodness we are all different. Love your other idea for Abby. Congratulations on your success with a challenging subject–statistics! Have a Happy Thanksgiving next week.

  9. If she really doesn’t want/need it, I would either (a)find someone who would love it and whom it would fit, or (b) donate it to a good cause that would raffle it off. This time of year there should be several such basket raffles and the like. One year I made a special doll sweater for our town library’s Xmas raffle. Nowhere near as lovely or labor intensive as the Kongsberg! It would be sure to raise a lot of money for a worthy cause.

  10. Oh, that norwegian sweater is so extraordinary, so fabulous, that you must finish it. Abby can wear it when she visits you for christmas. If I were a small, I’d say knit it for me……

  11. Do not frog that sweater! It’s wonderful, and if Abby won’t wear it, maybe Abby would use it as a bag? With a wonderful lining and some straps, I see a great tote.
    And, I am dying to see what the Isobel project is….it looks very intriguing…
    Clapping for you for your grades, Dorothy!

  12. Hallo,
    I reached your wonderful site by accident, while I tried to find out where I can buy the marvellous pattern for Kongsberg. First I contacted Dale, they answered: sold out. My second idea was Bea Ellis Knitwear. It was Wendy who gave me this address. Here I found a picture, so I ordered. This morning I got a reply that they couldn’t help me: sold out. How can I buy this pattern? Perhaps there is any book. Can you help me? I am looking forward to getting your answer. Thanks in advance.

  13. I LOVE this sweater and have considered making it for myself, but concern over the placement of those front motifs makes me hesitate.

    I know this is an older post, so perhaps you have made your decision? I particularly like the idea of finishing it and then donating it to a favorite charity for an auction. Another alternative is to use a cut and sew technique (like steeking) to make it into something that would be appreciated. I have done cushions that way and even the ankle portion of socks. Lynne’s idea for a bag is great too.

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